You guys want me to endorse a training aid?

OK, I will endorse two.

They cost a total of $1.27 combined.

Go to the hardware store and get a dowel rod. Put it outside the golf ball to display to you visually what the target line is. This will help you not whip it too far inside, not come too far from the inside…and not swing out too far. You have to do nothing but be aware of it and what it represents. You eyes and body will automatically adjust to the visual aid. It will also tell you if you are coming too far from the outside, as well.

DO NOT…I repeat do not tilt this to the right to create an inside/out swing path. I see this at the range every day and it creates a disastrous result every time I see it.

Remember, the golf ball it the outermost point of the swing. If you tilt this aid to the right (right handed golfer), you will create caca.

Go to the UPS store. Buy the smallest amount of bubble wrap you can find…or better yet, save some out of a Christmas gift you got in the mail.

Cut the grip off a club that you chip with. A backup that is in your old club bag. Fashion a grip out of the bubble wrap and attach it with two sided tape or epoxy. The bubble wrap grip will give you feed back on if you have too much grip pressure for your short game shots.

EDITED: Remember, you want a nice “medium” grip pressure. As most things are in golf, any extreme is bad. Death grip is bad and a grip pressure that is too light is also bad, because it is almost impossible to keep it fairly constant.

Also keeping it constant is another myth, but a well accepted term that refers to no wild swings in grip pressure.

The bubble wrap will give you feedback on all these issues and help you find the optimum level for you. The optimum level is different for everyone. What is universal. Death grip…bad. Holding like an injured bird….BAD!!!!

Somewhere in between and trial and error is how you find it.




  1. wally

    Sell the secret to your long drive championship, make money pay more taxes, help more people.

  2. Bob S

    I like the bubble wrap thing. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  3. banner12

    OT: BTW, the odds of tiger going Majorless in 2011 is -500. In other words, bet $5 to win $1. Looks like Vegas thinks he’s done too…

  4. Eric32

    So our grip pressure should be super light on short game shots?

    Monte i also discovered something with my driver stance yesterday that maybe you could comment or do a video on sir.
    Ive been struggling with my driver only hitting it 230 with mishits and high slices .. Also i would lose my balance and shank it a lot.

    An older guy on the course yesterday tells me to make my stance more narrow and BOOM. I start hitting 280 yard bombs down the middle! Felt like i was standing on a swivel disk and just turning through the ball lol. My finish and balance was perfect as well. Im 5’8 and 140 pounds and i think my stance was a little to wide as i though the power came from muscle .
    Love your site and this beautiful game sir.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      A stance too wide is a very common problem. Just make sure you don’t over do the narrowing as you have some bad days.

      Grip pressure should be medium and as constant as possible.

      If the grip pressure is too light, it will be difficult to keep it fairly constant.

      The bubble wrap just gives you feedback on these issues.

  5. Huikai Liu

    the bubble wrap thing rocks~ b/c i think my grip pressure is always to much~

  6. Dayo

    A possible alternative to the bubble wrap idea is to play with winter gloves on both hands. I discovered this a few weeks ago… Due to the thickness of the gloves, I believe, it prevented me from applying the usual death grip I had on the club. I noticed that my grip pressure was light and the club was able to move with more ease. Tommy ‘two gloves’ might be on to something…

  7. Mike Pedersen

    Right on Monte! The average training aid is $100 these days, so your post is refreshing.

  8. falcon50drvr

    Saw something “new” from the Rotary Swing guy. It’s called the Rotary Connect. Actually looks very simple and I can see it’s merit, especially if it does what it says it will. Supposed to keep your arms in sync and in front of you. THoughts?

    • Josh Eaton

      I work for Chuck Quinton at Rotary Swing Golf and can tell you Chuck doesn’t endorse very many training aids because he thinks most are junk. However, he’s really excited about this one and has been getting great results from students so far.

      I personally only put the RotaryConnect on once for a few swings at home. However, even in that short period, I was struck at how little your arms should be moving in the backswing. If you overuse your arms, it might be a real eye opener.

      Love this post about cheap training aids. Another one to try is a simple dry erase marker. Use it instead of impact tape and save a ton of money.

      Chuck’s got a good video from his Bomb Your Driver series that covers this. The video’s called “Understanding Ball Speed” and is available as part of our Free Membership if you want to check it out.



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