My point from last week personified…

…in another GolfWrx thread.

I am not whining like, “people are mean, why won’t they listen to me?” I throw in my 2 cents and people will listen, or they won’t and truthfully…that’s fine. I want more people to listen to me because I have been there, know what I am talking about and have a way more simple approach to better golf. That will lead to people playing faster, having more fun and shooting lower scores. That will make golf grow..and I will make more money. 😀

Seriously…who better to listen to than a World Long Drive Champion, who was the first and only professional long driver to have cross over success at the PGA Tour level? A golfer who was possibly headed to the PGA Tour, but was derailed by the technobabble and complicated approach that is out there corrupting everyone’s mind and golf game. Someone who has now developed an easier approach to things and is seeing his own game begin to recover.

Someone who was under 200 pounds and went from hitting it 270 to being the longest in the world in a short period of time.

False modesty aside, is there anyone in the World more qualified to speak from experience on learning to hit it farther, learning to play better (shoot lower) and the evils of making it too complicated?


EDITED AFTER READING SOME COMMENTS: Maybe I should take the real truth and common sense and wrap it up in a gimmick to market it.




  1. Brett Picotte

    Did anyone on there even read your comments? That’s amazing.

    The best way to increase your swing speed, of course, is to swing while hanging out of the window of a fast moving car. Geez, it’s so obvious.

    Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. wallter

    To answer your question, no, there is no one better Qualified. I first started playing golf when I was 37. I played with fellows I worked with who were pretty good golfers. we would play nine holes before going to work on Saturday. The first summer they would only let me play with a five iron and putter. That’s right five iron and putter. By end of summer I was shooting 45 for nine holes with a five iron and putter. That summer was the most fun I ever had with golf. These guys were long hitters all could hit 250+ with persimmon drivers. I could never hit the ball as for as they could, but what does that matter, I learned to hit it straight. We played together five years before we all got tranferred to different places. Believe it or not, golf can be fun.

  3. Bob34

    There’s no magic, no secret, just plain ole common sense in that post. Very few people want to hear common sense anymore… Plus I’m telling ya Monte, Golf Pro’s don’t have the best name anymore, golf pro’s realize people want to hear the “hidden secret” of the pro’s so the pro’s turn to gimmicks because they realize people don’t believe that common sense is the real secret. Hacks start listening to hacks because they believe the pro’s aren’t sharing the secret and maybe this one hack has accidently stumbled onto the secret so they listen to him. It’s a vicious circle. Pro’s turn into snake oil salesman to make a living, and the hacks stay hacks. But keep up the good fight, the pendulum might be starting to swing back the other way, maybe this world will start to see the value of common sense again as opposed to gimicks and snake oil salesman…

    • banchiline

      Great post Bob! That sums it up.

  4. Huikai Liu

    hi Monte, i actually get a question for ya, i never know how far you hit got u the longest driving champion?


    • Monte Scheinblum

      At a competition in Denver, I hit a ball 451 yards. That was the longest I hit in a competition.

      • Huikai Liu

        wow…..the longest i had…down hill with no wind……285…../cry

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Mine was down hill, down wind and at 5000 feet of altitude.

  5. Wally

    gimmicks, sell, ever heard the the PERFECT CLUB?

  6. S.

    “…the evils of making it too complicated?”

    And, what exactly makes baseball swings good for increasing swing speed in golf? Because nobody isolates body parts when they swing at a baseball. Nobody ever turned their hips at a baseball. And, nobody tries to manipulate the bat. (Eddie Merrins made a bad video series, but he had a good point: swing the handle, don’t guide the clubface…or for that matter, the shaft.)

  7. yellowtrash

    I swear, it seems like everyone on golfwrx claims they can drive 280+ yards. And they have some sort of secret that is proven by some obscure scientific paper written by some researcher who has probably never seriously played golf.

  8. Christian

    Good technique and practice? That can’t be right…

  9. kbp

    As I implied last week, you have no idea how many hundreds of people may have read that thread and DID take your advice. You only know for sure that the few who posted probably ignored it.

  10. Dion

    I realise that it must be frustrating when you post good advice for free and don’t get any reaction. From my point of view your previous success at Long Driving championships is not an important qualification for teaching. If the likes of Harvey Penick suggest using a weighted club, I’m more inclined to try it as surely he would have noted these negative effects with his students. Many leading pros from Snead to VJ Singh also used/use them.
    I’m not saying you’re wrong just that I don’t agree that your contributions on learning golf are somehow worth listening to just because of your success as a player. I think your advice is very good and should be considered on its own merits without the ‘I could’ve been a contender’ intros.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      My first post of the new year will be on just this subject.

  11. Calvin D

    That is really funny.

    If you had told him to get all bent over and up on his toes he probably would have asked for details/


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