Just take your medicine

Even guys with magical short games and amazing recovery skills like Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods understand there are some shots that just can’t be hit close to the hole.

They pitch out of the trees sideways, they play away from the pin and hit low risk chips they know will finish 15-20 feet from the hole.

Why do they do this? They are the best in the World. What is obvious to the best in the World that escapes the weekend duffer?

The best in the World realize there is no good way to hit the shot. It’s not even about risk and reward because the best will take a risk for a great reward.

It’s about knowing there is NO reward and great risk. Why take a chance of duffing it right in front of you when if you hit a miracle shot, it is going to end up 15 feet anyway?




  1. Bob S

    When I see the courses and the pin positions in person I appreciate how hard the tournament setups are. Agreed Monte. Sometimes 20 feet away is as good as it gets. Happy Holidays!

  2. Cal

    I know all this sitting at my computer, but when I’m out on the course, behind a tree, with one foot on a molehill and a thistle up my arse – I AM SEVE.

    • Will

      Ha! You and me both, Cal,

  3. wally

    back to yesterdays’ post in sports the unexpected happens. I bring you back to 1990 in boxing the champion “iron mike tyson” picked one James Buster douglas for his “tuneup fight” so he could be ready holyfield. Funny thing happened, iron mike got KNOCKED OUT buy a guy who some people thought couldn’t shine iron mikes shoes. Back to golf how about a guy named Ben Curtis who wins the british open as a NINETH ALTERNATE. The top five hundred golfers on the planet can strike it big at any time. great post.

  4. Michael

    Umm, John Daly was the 9th alternate, at the PGA Championship in 91.

    Ben Curtis got into the 03 Open via a T13 finish at the 03 Western Open.


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