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I told you Tiger might would probably come back by the Masters and by the US Open for sure. His sole purpose in life is to win majors and everything else is secondary. Stevie might end up in jail for assaulting hecklers his first few weeks back.

I am about done with my first ebook and should be available in the near future. It is going to recount my golf career from it’s impetus to the present. Not a lot of long winded, novel type passages, mostly just recounting the funny and salient details and getting to the point. Groupies, fights on the course, shenanigans at long drive events, chokes, triumphs, playboy playmates and hooters girls, more fights, good golf, bad golf, etc. This and the website are just small ventures so I can keep doing this and not have to get a real job.

If you want to read Bull Durham, except about golf, you definitely want to give this a look.

I will also have a second ebook that will be a collated and organized copy of all of my ideas with pictures and captions. Not just on instruction, but also approach to playing. It will be good for both long time blog readers and people who have never seen this blog before.

Then I am going to combine the two and have it available in hard copy from on Amazon. An excellent bathroom book to be sure. 😀

The video guy has been busy, but the on course DVD is still in the works.

Also, I have decided to turn my 3 part video series on the release into a week long 5 part series.

Part 4-Go back and watch the “plane and release by feel” video in the archives on the right side of the page and I will have more on that drill and what it can show you about good and bad releases.

Part 5-The importance of a cohesive and consistent swing from chipping though driver and how a proper release is even more important on wedges and the short game.

I need a favor from all of you. I want to reach more people. Seriously…reading all of the comments about how my approach has helped people unlock their brains and have more fun makes it worth while. When the week long series on release hits the blog, email it to all of your golfing buddies. I get around 1000 readers a day and I would like to make that at least 2000.

Send this to them now or maybe you haven’t seen it yet. They are two of the more popular posts.



All the more people to buy my ebook…I know that’s what many of you are thinking and that would be fine, but that is not the reason I want more readers. I want the game to be fun again and for a round of golf to be four hours…not six. I think I provide a better guide for golf that is more fun than what is out there in the mainstream.

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  1. mship;

    Where is the plane and release by feel video. I have looked and cannot locate it.

      • mship

        Honest I did that…even with ” ” 🙂

  2. bobinpa

    Whoops. Monte already posted this hidden behind LINK. 😉


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