Pre shot routine




  1. Calvin D


    Hopefully your thoughts on pre-shot will catch on. Don’t hold your breath. I think pre-shot stuff is the
    biggest contributor to slow play. I know for a fact that you can shoot 100 and get around in three hours.
    In a foursome. I have a bad habit of counting seconds on players ahead of me once they get into their stances. It’s not unusual for some to freeze for over thirty seconds before firing. I let it negatively change my game sometimes.

  2. gwlee7

    Hurry up and miss it will ya’?

    The worst is on the greens where someone looks like they are performing trigonometry in their head before they putt.

  3. Dion

    Ha ha that was so funny. I was stuck behind a guy this week who took 12 practice swings before every shot. Not 11 or 13, always 12 – even after fresh airs. After two holes I was counting them. He also waited for greens to clear from 250 yards out despite his best shot being in the region of 70 yards. I don’t know who was having the worse time – me or him.

    • Calvin D

      Aiiyeee! Pet peeve. Waiting for the green to clear on short par fours.

  4. shoot54today

    Walked Bethpage Black as a fivesome and finished in 4 hr. 15 min. Why in God’s name does it take a foursome in carts 5 hrs. to play a round of golf? Geez.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I know it was a rhetorical question, but it’s because people take themselves too seriously, think they are on Tour and actually screw their games up in the process of do this.

  5. Cal

    Thank you. I could never quite envision the FUBAR swing system, but I get it now.

  6. mship

    How about the guy who is on pace to shoot triple digits and still feels the need to pull out the Bushnells and lazer the flag from 35 yards out 🙂

    • Cal

      Then paces it out just to make sure.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      When I see that in the group in front of me I want to do a Steve Williams on his rangefinder. 🙂

  7. Jim Perkins

    Monty, I just wanted to let you know how great it was to here that you have a website. You have giving me a couple of lessons in the past and I still refer back to them. One in particular on chipping. You probably don’t remember but it was at Blackhorse with Fairlee. You also had a hole in 1 at the par 3 next to Pebble. I will be sending you video to get more lessons. You have a great way of explaining/teaching golf.

  8. Stampa

    hahaha!!! That was priceless!


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