Time for another petty rant by me.

(Tomorrow I am going to have another swing of mine and compare it to last weeks in context with what I am working on.)

Let me be clear. I feel I have some very good and educated OPINIONS about a more simple approach to the golf swing and playing the game. My opinions have helped some people so far.

I am sick and tired of all of the so called experts out there stating their opinions as facts, people are following it and ruining themselves.

I was at the range on Friday and I saw two people hitting balls. One I call “the victim” and the other is a guy who I have gotten several emails about.

I have video on both. The first guy I am in no way making fun of him. I feel sorry for him. He has obviously bought into every facet of modern golf culture. You could tell he had about a 15 step swing check list just by watching his routine. He also used several training aids. You will see him practice holding the lag, swinging inside/out, trying to get in a “sit down position” (also known as a dive) and of course the scratch finish that needs to be held for at least 5 seconds and he held a few of them for over 10 when he hit one good. He also had a set of Mizuno muscle back blade irons.

I should also mention that he shanked 15 of the first 20 shots he hit, many of them short pitches of about 20-30 yards. When you dive, swing inside/out and hold the lag you are going to shank the ball….DUH!!!! I wanted to yell, “release the club” at him.

The second video is a guy who claims to hit 300 yard drives with his “revolutionary swing.” He was soliciting others to come watch, listen to him and talk about how he hits it farther than Tiger. I will just say this…I do not hit 2 iron 300 yards.

I also don’t want to leave out another duck hitting balls next to me. A 3rd party saw me hitting the ball well and asked me some questions and of course…I am always very verbose with my opinions :-). The duck finishes his bag of balls and as he is walking away says, “It’s kind of hard to practice with you talking so much.”

The guy who solicited my opinion told the guy off. If was pretty funny.

This story reminds me of the time where a guy told me to stop hitting driver because the loudness of my contact was making it difficult for him to concentrate.

Link to GolfSwingSurgeon.com






  1. shoot54today

    In the time it took the first guy to hit 1 ball, I have completed playing the 1st hole walking and carrying my bag!!

    I will give the 2nd guy credit, where credit is due. It appears that he has a Graman Limey shaft in his driver. Excellent shaft.

  2. carrera

    First guy reminded me of Furyk in his setup checklist. That’s where the similarity ended.

  3. Rojo

    Guy #1, I hope that’s just his “at the range” routine and not on the course.

    Guy # 2, Hilarious! Takes all kinds I guess.


    • James

      oh man, poor guy. If he pulled that routine with my boys he’d be laughed out of the group by the 3rd hole!

      • Monte Scheinblum

        James, the sad thing is he is not alone as “cal” says.

  4. Colby

    Other than the issues stated with the Victim’s pre-shot routine, can you tell us what you see wrong with his swing, and how he needs to correct it?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      He needs to stop working on all of those cliches and simplify. shoulder turn and release.

  5. Peter Balogh

    LOL, that victim guy, I cant stop laughing, best of his swing is at the end when he puts his Two-hander back to his belt. LOL this is sooooo great. I swear I never saw anyone like him. A movie star. LMAO

  6. Cal

    I was stuck behind Victim’s doppelganger for 14 holes at the weekend and I didn’t feel one bit sorry for him.

  7. S.

    Those were fun. Whenever you are looking for an idea, post more.

    Guy 1 looked like paralysis from analysis. No flow.

    Guy 2, I liked his waggle, much more athleticism. Good continuity. Driver looked quite long. I’d watch him hit, to see how he was doing.

  8. Boris

    That Hammer guy…I think he has time on his side: Shoulder joint surgery is a bitch—but they made great progress of late! 😉

  9. ric

    I have seen the first guy at every golf course I have ever been too. they never improve because they are doing exactly what they were told to do by somebody they trusted for information on golf. it is really sad and if they could just see your video on swing plane their whole golf life would change. I for one have been using the tee ball image since you posted it and it is all I really need.
    on the second guy, I think he is funny but to be fair he has a pretty good athletic move ala Moe Norman and why he lets go of the club almost 4 feet into his follow through seems silly to me but characters like this make the game fun.


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