How to ACTUALLY Fix a Hook

Lots of decent players get the hooks, and unfortunately, most of the conventional advice for fixing them will actually make things worse. Let’s take a look at the causes, as well as some counter-intuitive solutions for actually solving them:





  1. Kenneth Finch

    One of your best, Monte. I appreciate the thorough explanations of cause/effect.

  2. Jim G

    This video speaks to me in two ways. Got into a hook this past summer I never had before. Path is first issue. A bit too inside to out. Other issue is since my knee replacements, my hips will stall and I will flip my hands because my knees don’t rotate like a natural knee anymore. The first problem I can deal with and have made the path change. Second one is a bit more of a challenge. Not sure what to do about that one. Have tried more foot flare to no avail. Also haven’t found an instructor that really knows what to do about it. Thanks for this video Monte because the idea to fix this last part is going to be finding a way to rotate body better through impact.


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