Tiger, Tiger, Tiger

You didn’t think I would avoid this topic, did you?

I am not going to make any moral judgments about his indiscretions…we have all done that already.

I am only going to judge the statement he made. (Reading comprehension test)

That was the most canned, rehearsed, insincere caca I have ever seen. He read from a prepared statement he had no part in writing, looked up at the camera only to say one word at a time, then went back to reading from the paper. Is that the best PR a billion dollars can buy with 3 months to prepare?

Seriously…He should have gone on Oprah said he was sincerely sorry he hurt his family, cried and have Oprah give him a hug sometime in December/January. It would have been mostly forgotten by now and he’d have played at the Accenture.

NFL players have been involved in killing people and came back with very little backlash from the fans. We all have different levels of self righteous indignation over what Tiger did…but when it comes down to it, we all want him back on the Tour so we can root for him or against him. We forgive and allow murderers and PED users back into their sports with open arms. In this context, what Tiger did was a mere blip on the radar compared to other athletes. Fans generally forget heinous acts by their sports heroes and getting back on the field and performing is what makes them forget faster. Ray Lewis and Leonard Little anyone????

I don’t blame him for this PR faux pas, I blame his handlers. He has too many yes men around him and they either enable him or don’t stop him from making some horrible decisions. So I guess it is his fault…for surrounding himself with yes men.

There was a great line from The West Wing. It went something like, “President Bartlett likes to surround himself with smart people who will disagree with him.”

Tiger should take heed.

I believe that winning majors is the most important thing to him. That is why I say he will be back by the US Open…by the Masters would not surprise me.

BTW-this post is a test in reading comprehension and I will be grading all comments accordingly as you rip my opinions. 🙂

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  1. banchiline

    Probably the ONLY thing Tiger is sorry for is getting caught .

    I get freakin tired of all of these “I’m sorry” ‘s coming along afterwards .

    How come we never hear ” Oh btw guys………..I have been really being a butthole to my family & my fans & my sponsers and I have decided to straighten up and behave .” I’m sorry for cheating , lying to my wife & all of my girlfriends , killin that dude outside the bar , smokin maryjane & snortin anything I could”…………..la la la

    Speaking from experience . Sin is fun . The I’m sorry’s from the outside/ in aren’t worth a crap. True change comes from the inside .

    Do you really think Tiger is sorry he had all that “fun”? I doubt Budda whupped him into shape that fast………..but I could be wrong .

  2. bobinpa

    Well, this is your blog so any topic is at your discretion. I’ll check in tomorrow for more playing advice.

  3. s.

    “we all want him back on the Tour”

    Not quite all of us. For me, he has joined the un-watchables: Kobe, Ray Lewis…

    The less I see or hear of him, the better. I hope his life takes a different path, but count me out for the duration.

  4. Bob34

    As much as Tiger has brought the PGA Tour, it will go on without him. Assuming he does come back, the TV coverage is gonna be a complete drag at least for awhile. We already miss a ton of interesting shots and now we’ll miss even more having to listen to some schlub talk about Tiger’s personal life. I don’t care… I watch golf to see golf. To be a good husband, I already watch too much lifetime movie channel drama…

  5. Falcondriver

    As long as people idolize others based purely on their fame or athletic ability, they will be DEEPLY disappointed. True role models are men and women of integrity, character, and selflessness, not spoiled rotten superstars who never worked a real day in their entire life.

  6. meateater

    I wish he would tell the media to piss off and get back to playing golf.

  7. Will


  8. mship

    Falcondriver you hit the nail on the head my friend.


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