From a reader, “I will never stray again.”

First off, great comments on Tiger. I posted a few thoughts to see what golfers and fans of golf thought…it’s about what I expected. Thank you for the input.

The following was sent to me from a reader of the blog and it shows how easy it is to get sucked in by the prospect of better golf. The grass is always greener, so to speak.


I have a quick story for you. I have been dedicated to reading your blog every day since I first found you here on The videos that you post are always great. Even though I am currently an 8 handicap, the first time I played after watching your youtube video on Plane and Release by Feel, I shot a 79.

Well I live Mount Airy, MD and this winter has been painful to say the least. I have played one round of golf in the last three months. So I have been working on my swing when I can and I’ve been trying to stay loose. I actually made it out to the range this past weekend with a neighbor of mine, who recently moved in. He’s a really good player…+3 handicap. I was hitting the ball pretty well and he was watching and giving me a couple of tips and even some drills. He told me about this old instructor, who has since passed away, and his thoughts on the golf swing. He sent me this video because he thought it would help .

(I watched this video and it’s nasty. You might want to avoid it.)

Youtube link

I messed around with his idea that the left arm is like rope and the right arm controls the swing. Bad idea! I had the worst range session that I’ve had in months! I have alway bought into your description of the golf swing and I do think that a swing that is mostly controlled by the shoulders is the way for me. Even though I was hitting the ball pretty well, I was searching for that picture-perfect swng that you have been talking about lately. But I just want to have fun and get the ball in the hole in the least amount of stroke possible.

I do plan on purchasing some lessons from you very soon. If you want to share this story in any way, you have my permission. Keep up the good work Monte and I promise I won’t stray again. 🙂





  1. suddy

    I think the guy in the video could hit the ball pretty good,and he was also a good instructor.

  2. steve lyons

    As soon as I read left arm rope and right arm swing, I knew who it was. Is that bad?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s not bad per se, but I just didn’t like thinking of it that way. You can easily get your left arm across your chest and hands behind you.

      • steve lyons

        Last video I was doing that!! That and loosing some spine angle.

        Actually, in my first statement, I was confessing that from the very brief description of the video (left arm rope) I already knew which instructor that was from. In other words, watching too many internet videos.

  3. bobinpa

    Monte, weather is terrible in the northeast. We’re getting another foot of snow tomorrow. I can’t wait to sign up but at the same time I’m apprehensive. I’m self taught. Been playing for over 30 years. I guess I’ve grooved a swing so I can break 80 most every time I play. My apprehension is what you’ll see wrong in my swing. Can you provide some words of encouragement to build up the courage to have my swing critiqued? (may help others who are in similar mindset to me). Thanks.

    • carrera

      I view visits to golf teachers the same way I view getting a physical at the doctor…I remember one doctor saying “if I see something I haven’t seen before, I’ll shoot it.”

      In other words, Monte’s seen it all, and like any pro, it would be boring if the students all only needed fine-tuning.

      • gwlee7


        Monte just did a lesson for me. He gave me one very simple thing to work on and three short video clips of him telling how to accomplish it so that I could the one way that made the most sense to me. He is worth it. And believe me, had he wanted to, he could have given me a grocery list of things to do. He practices what he preaches: he picked out the one thing that would help the most and had me start there.

  4. Michael

    25 bucks is dirt cheap for the things you’ll learn. You haven’t golfed in months, so the money you’d be spending at a course easily pays for it. Plus no offense, it’s more expensive (time you spend on the internet, magazines, etc.) to learn yourself and learn it wrong than it is to have a second set of eyes give you a few things to help you out. Learn it the right way for you, shoot lower and have fun doing it, and spend less money at a range trying to ingrain bad muscle memory.

    Just my two cents though!

  5. bobinpa

    thanks everyone. your replies were very encouraging!


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