The approach is so important.

This from a reader and GolfSwingSurgeon user. Of course I want all of you to be taking lessons from me on the new website, but the following is as much about the importance of a simple approach as it is about me. Simplifying things really is the best way. My job, and any instructors job, is to provide a guide and a direction. The student’s job is to realize how that guide and direction applies to him/her. In other words, a simple “individual” feel that actually creates the simple motion you are trying to create. The message board attached to this site and is starting to get some action and some great comments have been made there. This is one of them.


I took a lesson with Monte last week. I came from another place that used to pride itself in keeping things simple but became at least as complicated as TGM with all of the mumbo jumbo.

Anyway, my problem has been the inside takeaway with the overly flat shoulder turn that then causes you to be over the top and steep on the way back down. I also straighten out of my spine angle pretty bad going back as well. Monte gave me a couple of simple videos to watch to get me going down the right track.

After a few days of working on my shoulder turn I noticed something: My swing has always had the club working “in and then up” on the backswing whereas a more proper shoulder turn has the club working “up and then in”. I e-mailed Monte and asked him if I was correct in thinking this way and of course he took a lot of words in replying “you are spot on :).”

Now what this has done has been nothing short of amazing. By feeling like my shoulders are moving the club up and then in, my takeaway is much better without having to think about anything.

Just thought I’d pass this on to any other “flat shoulder turners” out there.

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  1. Bob34


    While there is no question, at least in my mind what you say is true, there’s another piece; Lots of us ducks love to talk about golf which inevitably leads to talking about the swing. Sometimes we forget that all of this jabber about the swing gets into the back of our minds and we start thinking about what so and so said worked for him/her and we try it. That’s typically if not always bad. One of the great things about your blog is when you talk about your experiences as a professional. Gives us something to yak about without getting bogged down in swing thoughts and theories. You can see all the instruction mumbo jumbo on most of the forums probably more because we’re just looking for something to yak about than anything else. Anyway, just thought you might like to know that all of your blogs that remind us to keep it simple and also help us to yak about something besides in-depth swing theory is hugely apprecdiated.


  2. mship

    LMAO!!! I knew I would see Bob34 commenting here!! 🙂 Hey Bob, gwlee, Hayes, leelisa…have to admit this sounds AWEFULLY familiar 🙂 sorry Bob but I have one comment and it won’t be too technical…

    This is an item that I consider to be part of ones swing DNA. Some folks just like to bend the right arm without any elevation and have a flatter backswing. That is not necessarilly incorrect you just don’t want that right arm to get pushed back behind you RF is a perfect example he just bends his right arm with no elevation but his right arm stays in front. Ideal…depends on who you ask. I say fine because he keeps that right arm in front of his body.

  3. shoot54today

    Who will appear next, One Planer, Lefty and Flyfishin’?

  4. Bob34

    Noooooooooooo….. PLEASE don’t make me go down that road again. I could give a fat rat’s butt about whether Ricky Fowler’s elbow stays in front or not…. You know Hardy and Chuck teach that for a 1PS the elbow needs to go back. For RST and other models, it stays in front. I’m trying sooooooo hard to forget all that….

    Aaaaawwwwwwhhhhhhhmmmmmm rotate the shoulders level with the spine, rotate everything back together… aaaaaaaawwwwwhhhhhhhmmmmmm Breath…. Aaaaaawwwwwhhhhhhhhmmmmmm 🙂 🙂

  5. mship

    Sorry Bob but I didn’t say it…. this is coming from Monte’s post 🙂 and I don’t believe the elbow should EVER go back…just my opinion…

    It’s like a family reunion here! I too would definitely like to hear more from Monte about his time on tour and the long drive circuit. I think stories like that are priceless!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Like I said in the other response. It was about people who copy Fowler injuring themselves…not Fowler.

  6. banchiline

    Hey Mike ……..yesterday I was referring to myself & Bob. Greg, Hayes, & a few others going back a ways……… on the other side…………about 5 years .

    BTW……..good to hear you are doing ok after surgery

  7. mship

    Roger that….banchiline ….love the new name by the way 🙂

    Thanks for the well wishes! Can’t wait til June that is the next time I will swing a golf club!


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