Great young player, very flexible, immensely talented and probably works very hard…and yet another swing not to be copied.

Fowler represents two things that I am really passionate about.

1. He doesn’t have a tailor made, cookie cutter swing. He has a swing that he learned to use over thousands of hours of hitting balls. I applaud him and his very bright future…and present. I haven’t watched him play much yet, but unlike guys like CH III who have a perfect swing, but don’t play the game very well, I bet Fowler is a great player of the game.

2. Just like my post of Dustin Johnson, there are idiot swing gurus around the world creating swing systems around a very flat backswing and other idiosyncrasies that can be found in Fowler’s swing. They will talk about the leverage of a flat swing, the lag that can be created from a layed off position and the pinpoint positions in Fowler’s swing that need to be perfected for maximum club speed and lag pressure. All of the people who follow this will have lower back problems and torn rotator cuffs.

So while I am pleased with his success and his swing that he made work for him, I am devastated for all the golfers out there who will ruin their games trying to copy elements of his swing either through a lesson, or a comment made by Peter Kostis during a network telecast.

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  1. Bob34


    When I get a lesson to you, I think you’ll find some simularities of RF’s swing and mine but I think my flat position (not quite as flat as RF) at the top comes more from my build; I’m 5’6″ with T-Rex arms. It seems hard for me to get my arms much higher than my shoulder plane at the top especially if my arm swing stops when my shoulders do.

    BTW: Everything go good yesterday?


    • Monte Scheinblum

      Everything went great. Thanks for asking.

      There is no problem with a flat backswing. I am saying there is a MAJOR problem with building a teaching system on an ultra flat backswing because Fowler has been successful with it.

  2. s.

    Everything you say in this post is true, except the example of CH III. He has improved with every start this year, T26, T20, T9, T5, T4….and he has won over $654,000 in 2010. Did he dump Ledbetter???

    • Monte Scheinblum

      My point on CH III is that he has been notoriously awful in majors, where playing the game becomes more important than how good you can swing it.

      I never said he couldn’t shoot low scores.

      I think he lacks imagination because he created a game from a swing.

  3. mship

    ” All of the people who follow this will have lower back problems and torn rotator cuffs.” Interested as to why you believe this statement is true? I will hold off saying the I totally disagree with you until I hear your reasoning. Awesome blog by the way!!

  4. mship

    Sorry….just want to add one thing and that is his right elbow is the only thing I worry about him injuring.

    • Bob34

      Hey Mike!

      I have no idea what Monte’s going to say but my interpretation of what he’s trying to get across is that systems, methods, whatever you want to call them, trying to get people to fit into a specific mold, typically leads to some kind of injury. How many posts have you seen recently at the other place where it’s now my way or you’ll never reach your true potential that go like this;

      “After watching the video for the hundredth time and also working on the drill a bit, I have noticed how difficult it is for me to keep that left flat wrist to the point when i work on keeping it flat it gets sore. I really have some bad habits to break. I also missed some important details and watching him do the video how the shoulders do appear to come through, but even though they don’t stop they slow down so that it allows the left arm to come in front. When I first did the drill I was just moving my arm and not pulling anymore with the left, which caused my shoulders to not get in the proper position at impact. So many little details you can miss by only watching it a couple of times!”

      That particular poster has no idea whether he’s coming or going and has hurt himself in the process 🙁

      It’s sad dude, that guy will never know the joy of “playing” golf and will end up having to have some kind of surgery. You’re going through that now yourself albiet from a supposed expert telling you to exercise wrong…

  5. Bob34

    BTW: I think this sums it up from the blog yesterday;

    Monte Schiemblum wrote;

    “The golf swing is a trial and error process for everyone, but I can tell you one thing. Using trial and error to find the feels that create the movements you want that work individually for you, works a lot better than trying to manufacture an entire swing of positions that are supposed to be correct for everyone.”

    • gwlee7

      And in about ten minutes, I found the feel that creates the movement that I want that works and has fixed a fault the other guy couldn’t fix in five years.

  6. banchiline

    Great to hear things went well for you & yours Monte .

    Another great post also.

    To Bob & Greg , super follow up posting . I see Mike showed up.

    Mike doesn’t know Bob & Greg & Hayes (and a few others) go back quite a ways .

    I was banned from the other side for heresy . For asking questions . For asking why . For saying lipstick just paints the pig .

    Ace an Ace

  7. Bob34

    I’m hoping Mike will see the light. I think he’s even deeper in than I was which was pretty freakin deep. Mike’s a great guy with a lot of potential and while it’s up to him, I hate to see him never realize that potential because he’s overly concerned with externally or internally (whatever the hell the difference between the two is) rotating some part of his body exactly this much at exactly this time because that’s a biomechanical absolute, blah, blah blah…

    Mike, come into the light… 🙂

  8. mship

    Whoa ladies 🙂 I am not knocking anything that Monte is saying and no bob I am not tied up in externally rotating anything 🙂 I just had to explain this to leelisa at the “other” site and that is that what I have learned over there is priceless. Answered a ton of questions that I had and has made me be able to interpret MY swing.

    How I explained it to leelisa is this take Monte’s maintain the T video… this drill is nothing new and has been regurgitated for years by many many instructors and I could do that in my sleep but couple that with the push/pull from the other site and I believe you have gold.

    You have to take the golden nuggets from where you can for example there is another site that is all about speed and I think he is WAY off on alot but he has some golden nuggets that are very good and I use MY knowledge to interpret things for myself b/c my swing is mine, no one elses.

    Anyway I am darn glad to be aboard 🙂 and btw banchiline I have the pleasure of knowing Bob and Greg very well and have had the honor of chatting with Hayes several times

  9. mship

    Now back to my original question…why does Monte think that RF is going to tear up his back and rotators?? I will give you the elbow 🙂

    I agree that his swing is not one to teach btw 🙂

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I don’t have any problems with Fowler. I applaud him making his own swing that works for him. My comment about torn rotator cuffs and bad backs was directed at people who try and copy his swing that don’t have his flexibility, strength and talent.

  10. Mark

    I think that the one main thing that I take away from watching Ricky in person in college and now in the pros….I like the fact that he’s doing it his way. His swing isn’t perfect, he doesn’t hit all the ‘required’ positions. He’s just playing the game, and hitting the shots as he see’s them.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love tigers swing, and Ernie’s and all the other guys who work hard and have an aesthetically pleasing swing, but I miss the guys who did it their own way too. Trevino, Stadler, Floyd….the list is long and distinguished.

    The golf swing from start to finish is like a long drive across country, there’s a lot of ways to get there, none of them are really wrong, some just take longer, some get there faster, etc. But they are all individual.

    Players like Fowler help me to realize that my swing is just that….mine. I can tweak a few things, but it’s pretty much going to be the same until the day I stop playing, so learn to score with it, not fight against it.


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