The weekend

I now need your contributions.

For the next several days I will be functional, but lacking in original thoughts because of lack of sleep as my wife and the baby are coming home from the hospital.

I feel bad if I have forgotten to meet past requests for blog topics, PGA Tour player swing analysis and other ideas for blog posts.

So here is another chance. Please spend the weekend listing some things you would like to hear me write about.

Also, use the message board more. The new guys have started to.

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  1. Brett Picotte

    Hi Monte:

    I would love for you to analyze Bobby Wilson’s swing. He gets incredible extension at the top, and his heels come off the ground at impact. He seems to be very consistent when he competes, and I’d love to know your thoughts about his swing (especially about the heels coming off the ground – does that just happen, or does he try to do that?).

    Thanks, and try to get some sleep. 🙂


  2. Brett Picotte

    P.S. I looked for the slow motion video of his swing from the Remax telecast (from the year he won the senior division), but I couldn’t find it. It gives a lot better view of his swing. Oh well.

  3. torpet


    I’ve followed your blog since last september and I think I’ve read everything. I’m impressed and your writings have filled me with hope and a totally new take on the golf swing. Many thanks for that.

    Maybe i’ve missed it but one important link between the golfer and the club seems to be missing – the hands! Your views on the concept ‘educated hands’ would be most welcome. I lost my way in the TGM swamp a couple of years ago but I seem to have found it again. I can hardly wait until the snow is gone for confirmation. The winter has been very hard on us Scandinavians.


  4. Bob34

    I’d kinda like to hear about what you think is “mentally strong”. I used to think it was about being able to focus, be in the moment, etc… I’m starting to think based on your previous posts, that it’s more the abilty to still be having fun even if you just hit three bad shots in a row…?


    • Bogeydog

      First, congratulations again.

      Second, can you comment on why some instructors talk about arms/hands like Flick and others talk about body like Hardy/Harmon.

      Are they really talking about the same thing in your opinion? or is it really a different concept?

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Not really that familiar with any of those guys anymore. Trying to forget about it.

        However, I think that big name instructors are “inventing” ideas in order to seem like they have something new or different to offer.

        I believe my attempt at innovation is to simplify what is there already…instead of making it more complicated which seems to be the mainstream right now…or even worse, invent some new fad.

  5. Stampa

    Hi Monte,
    I would love to hear more of your thoughts about Stricker’s swing, maybe even about his short game or putting stroke. I know you’ve written about him in the past, but I think there is still a lot we can learn from him. This guy went from nearly losing his tour card to #1 in the world (given that Tiger is MIA right now), that is certainly no fluke.

  6. Cal

    Monte, your thoughts on putting, or perhaps your thoughts on why we chops are so bad and/or inconsistent at it, would be helpful.

  7. shoot54today

    I am going to post something on Putting in the Message Board that many may find interesting.


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