I posted this on the GEA forum, so I thought why not here too.

I watched the Solheim Cup today and I love the enthusiasm of young Miss Kim and the crowds, but it is clear to me why Women’s golf isn’t more popular.

Most of the girls are cute and feminine, so that bad stereotype of the 70’s and 80’s is gone.

I see two problems…and they need to be changed right now.

As many other have said, the pace of play is horrendous. Ladies…PULL THE TRIGGER.

Problem number two was just personified a few minutes ago.

Way too much conservative play. I am not suggesting going for it from lies and distances they aren’t capable of hitting…but it’s match play and there isn’t enough flag hunting and I just saw a Euro lay up on a par 5 from the middle of the fairway with a wedge.




  1. Carrera

    I could hardly watch it…so slow. I flipped the channels a bit and watched the LL World Series…more entertaining.

  2. Big Ben

    Yep. All good points. Although I could watch Natalie Gulbis paint a house all day long and be perfectly content…..


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