More on the Solheim Cup

I don’t normally watch women’s golf, but I am enjoying this. It struck a cord that holds true for the PGA Tour as well.

Like or hate Christina Kim, it’s nice to see some animation on the golf course. I get tired of watching the PGA Tour and all I see is robotic, emotionless walking down the fairway from the field, or knee buckling whining from Tiger every time he misses a putt or doesn’t hit a tree and kick back in the fairway.

I am enjoying this Solheim Cup and I enjoy the Ryder and President’s cups because you actually get to see some personality and emotion out of the players.




  1. Banner 12

    Can’t be bothered watching this junk.

    Korea would kick both of these teams asses.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      LOL. At least Natlie Gulbis was wearing a short skirt.

  2. meateater

    I watched a good bit of it and thoroughly enjoyed it. My observations were that many of the players, in fact pretty much all of them except for maybe Kerr, have terrible short games. I noticed that Wie made a lot of putts on Saturday when Kerr was reading them for her. Who picked those outfits anyway? Looked like they came off the discount rack at Walmart.

    My other observation was the Wie was the best player on the golf course. Not even close. Seemed pretty obvious to me the other players knew it too.

  3. TonyK

    I like Christina Kim….as long as she stays away from my wife.


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