He basically made the point for me that I have been trying to make on this blog for 3 months. He almost won a PGA tour event with a swing, chipping motion and putting stroke that every Golf Channel guru would want to change immediately.

He squares the club, traps his chips with touch and makes putts. What he does is have a unique move that fits his physique, but guys like Leadbetter, McLean, Haney and Pelz would change it all.

…but here is the main point. Every avid Golf Channel watcher and amateur swing expert would see Stadler on the range and say he comes over the top, but he really doesn’t.

We have all been brainwashed to believe that when the hands change plane from inside to out on the way down, that is over the top and bad.

I happen to disagree with that theory. If your hands get from inside your sternum to outside your sternum…or another way of saying, too close to your body to too far from your body and swing by themselves…that is over the top.

Stadler’s club may change paths, but his hands are still connected to his body turn and out in front of his body…just like his dad. Bruce Lietske had the same type swing.

IMO, it is only over the top if your hands get out away from your body and move independently of your body…which is the bane of most bad golfers who hit a big slice.

Why am I going into all of this mechanical analysis? Because the Golf Channel doesn’t tell us something that Kevin Stadler proved and what I am trying to preach. There is no correct or perfect swing. There are infinite body types and infinite ways to square the club properly.

“Correct” or “Perfect” swings are ideas used to sell books and videos.




  1. Tony Kim

    Hale Irwin & Raymond Floyd are two other golfers that come to mind. Arnold Palmer too, I think.

      • Banner 12

        And while we’re on it, they’d try to change Ryan Moore’s swing too…

        • Monte Scheinblum

          No question, but I didn’t want to make Ryan Moore my poster child as I have already made fun of his appearance. 🙂

  2. Victor

    Monte, you are spot on.

    Golf “instruction” messed up a perfectly good swing I developed on the driving range. I found a swing that would work for my body which I could repeat.

    Trying to learn a book swing messed me up for years.

    Keep preaching brother. There’s a choir out there who supports ya!

    Victor in Vancouver.

  3. stadler


  4. John

    Yes, but 99% of golfers will play very poorly if they come over the top i.e. swing steeper on the downswing than backswing.

    For most club players it IS something they must change. I know, I have this problem and am very average. I am changing it and will improve, I hope!!

    These guys, Lietski, Holmes, Stadler are not the norm, they are super talented and hand eye co-ordinated.. The best swings to copy are Jim Furyk, Ryan Moore types-i.e steeper backswing and shallower downswing. David Toms and Tom Watson being ‘perfect’ swing models.


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