The Big Break is the worst show ever on TV.

95% of the guys on that show are complete ducks and just as many are arrogant jerks.

Here is the way a golf reality show should work.

Amateurs all over the country and world say that if they had the time and money to practice every day, they could be on Tour. Let’s see them put their money where their mouths are.

You have to be an amateur with a real job, no pro or major amateur experience.

Have me on a driving range. Send people through, let me make fun of them like Simon on American Idol. After I narrow them down on the range, I watch 16-24 finalists play in foursomes and make fun of their shot making, decisions, poor techniques that they say “it works for me,” but it really doesn’t.

Narrow it down to one foursome and the low 72 hole score is the winner. That guy gets one full year of free practice and play at a nice facility, an array of entries into qualifiers and mini tour events for the next year and an entry into q-school…and instruction from me. 🙂

If nothing else, me calling them out for taking themselves too seriously and not being near as good as they think they are would be entertaining.

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  1. Bob34

    This brings up a thought about your post from yesterday. I don’t watch Big Break much but I did see a few episodes with that dude, Tommy Two Gloves a couple of years ago. I saw him hit a bunch of pretty poor shots on the show but he has done decently on tour…

  2. banchiline

    I watched the first series. It was pretty good to me………maybe cause it was new . After that I never viewed it . I could see stuff like that at my own course . Got tired of all the BS reality crap . Too much soap opera drama for me .

    I do like the format you suggest Monte . Simon is a hero to me . Kinda along the lines of “lipstick on a pig ” …….” if you are fat, don’t ask me if you’re fat “…….”does this outfit make me look fat?………no…it’s you’re hips “……..” you sure spend lots of $$ just to look cheap”

    I could go on………

  3. s.

    Your ideas would be a more fair way to give a big break to a deserving person. But on TV you need the viewer’s emotional involvement. For the girls, having a few gorgeous babes does the trick. For the guys, and girls too, it doesn’t hurt to have an abrasive egoistic jerk–as long as he’s out by about the 4th show.

    Matt Every and James Nitties seem to be the real deal. Tommy Gainey challenged for a win. There’s one chick on the LPGA who sometimes climbs the leaderboards…so they aren’t all chops, just most of them.

  4. Andrew

    My wife would want to sign me up for your show Monte. She thinks with practice I would be that good. I keep telling her there are light years difference between my 6hdcp. swing and a pros game. Gotta love her support tho.

    • mship

      LOL…love your modesty Andrew 🙂

  5. meateater

    Good idea, monte. I htink it would be huge.

    I enjoyed the BB until last year, which I found very unpleasant. I think, like a lot of things on the Golf Channel, they really don’t understand what their audience wants or identifies with. Last season’s BB was nonstop posturing, phony machismo and the kind of mentality I identify more with the NBA than golf. Would it be so difficult to get people on there we would actually like to see succeed and who act like gentlemen and true sportsmen?

  6. ric

    who are these people you talk too?
    you need to get out of that freak show in SoCal, all my friends, many of which are club pros would never put thier games up against real tour players. It would be like standing in for a Nolan Ryan fastball. no thanks!
    and yes, I think tommy two gloves must be touching himself too much!

    • Cal

      there’s a lot of it about, Ric. I remember playing with a client a few years ago who duffed a shot, played another ball and hit a very good shot. He then declared “if I could hit every shot twice I’d be on the tour”. Yes mate, that’s exactly how it works – off camera of course.

  7. bobinpa

    After attending a couple of tour professional events in person (one time in ’99 at Kingsmill, Va and the other the ’80 US Open at Baltusrol) I can honestly say they play a game of which I am not familiar. Cheers, Monte and best wishes tomorrow. Post some pics of the new arrival if you get a chance.


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