Someone send Tiger my short game video




  1. John Brown

    I was there today watching. I was standing less than 20 yards from the shots on 13. I thought of your video and I also remembered how many times I have done that over the years. He was not the only one that stuck his club in the ground on that hole. There were a few that saw there ball roll back to them.

  2. Jake G

    Hinge and hold baby. No margin for error. I have tweeted him links to your lesson material/short game video so many times he has probably blocked me by now lol. Like you said before, too much ego involved. It’s really a shame as it would be fun to see him have a shot at Jacks record

  3. stephen

    He looked like me on a bad chipping day, I would hazard a guess that he is thinking too much about the mechanics of the swing and not just playing golf.

  4. Bruce H

    I heard he and Westwood have been working together.

  5. Nick Jackson

    I haven’t had a bad day of chipping since I started using the bounce and got a good set of wedges.

  6. Kip

    He didn’t use the bounce… The ground looked a little soft too

  7. Jb

    Hey Monte- i guess I’m surprised mostly by the fact that tiger is surprised at grain grab at various spots on this course. I’m a 2 hcp chump, but I try to be wary of “into grain” situations, especially at the D.Ross course I’m employed at. Thoughts, Pro? BTW – never a better promo for the TRUTH short game video you’ve made- jB


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