My thoughts on the US Open

Tomorrow I will have a video, accompanied by a description of a funky short game shot that is easy to do and EXTREMELY helpful on some difficult shots around the green…and it’s with a putter.

On to the US Open:

Graeme McDowell-I am thrilled that a guy with a homemade swing that works for him won. A genuinely nice guy that caters to the fans and media and has a great time playing golf. Well done sir.

Gregory Havret-Another guy who seems genuinely happy to be playing golf and I thought he had a fabulous golf swing. I can’t for the life of me understand why he hasn’t had more success, watching him hold up under the tremendous pressure. He didn’t make a run, but he didn’t fold either. He has a swing that can hold up. I can only assume that his putting is holding him back. He looked a little tentative with that long stick.

Ernie Els-Too many swing thoughts. Watching all of his pre-shot antics and fidgeting (and I can speak from experience) is not doing him any favors. Get back to being the “Big Easy” and just step up and hit the ball.

Phil Mickelson-Sometimes Phil’s putting escapes him and it cost him this US Open.

Tiger Woods-By the standards of any other golfer…”great job holding it together when you had far from your “A game” on a horribly tough golf course.” By Tiger Woods standards…without his career low round in the US Open during round three, he would have been a complete non-factor. The other three rounds were horrendous by his standards. The last 6 majors he has been making physical mistakes he has never made in his career when in the hunt (LINK to what he did last year). His swing is atrocious. If this was the swing he grew up using and had success with (McDowell, Johnson, Furyk), I would be nowhere near touching this. However, this is a swing he changed to on purpose and is is awful. In spite of his unbelievable ability to grind it out, he is putting way too much pressure on his short game…which is also not as sharp as he is spending too much time trying to figure out how to hit it forward with this “compression swing,” he and Haney came up with.

BTW, does he realize he was the only sour puss duringhis post round interview? Maybe if he had a little more fun and weren’t such a jerk, he might play the way he wants to. Everyone not named Graeme was disappointed and they didn’t act as boorish as he did and does when he doesn’t win.

(WOW, that felt good and I feel better now. I still say he needs to call me. 😀 )

Dustin Johnson-I don’t think it was his swing. I think his swing works for him, I just don’t want any amateurs copying it for extra distance. IMO, he is young, got a little impatient after one bad hole and the round got away from him. He will be back. See Mike Weir the first time he led a major…and Dustin is way more talented.




  1. meateater

    I’m usually the first to criticize Tiger and Stevie, the only looper who’s too important to keep his bib on while players putt out on 18. However, I thought Tiger’s post round comments were terse but not inappropriate. He said he made three mental mistakes that cost him the championship. He was upset but had a thoughtful answer. We can debate what cost him the tournament, but that was the end of the interview. At least he took questions, unlike Johnson and Els, who wimped out.

    As for Johnson, was it nerves or was it a swing that takes way too much timing and athleticism? I tend to agree with you that he just lost his mind. That sequence with the left-handed chip, the fluff, etc was painful to watch and you were just screaming at the TV for the caddie to do something to slow him down. He seemed to lose his focus entirely after that and the shot into the woods.

    Ernie must have left a dozen putts on the doorstep over the four rounds. Lost opportunity.

    Anyway, it was great to see a couple of no-name players hold up to the pressure as the brand names folded.

  2. carrera

    Re Havret: “I can’t for the life of me understand why he hasn’t had more success”

    Did you see the video of the putt he made in Open qualifying a few weeks ago to get into the field? You might have noticed that he used a conventional length putter to make that putt, and then at Pebble he has a long belly putter.

    That’s your answer.


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