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I am looking for ways to improve the blog and get more readers. Any ideas or help you can offer would be appreciated. Leave a comment or email me.

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  1. Michael

    Short game tips are awesome since we all miss greens in different ways.

    Course management! Like… Why shooting at every pin is a bad thing and what it can do to your scores.

  2. banchiline

    Echo first comment . You can be the best ball striker in the world & not know how to play golf . Great ball strikers still must have good short games & after all of that “know how to play” . That’s what separates the good ones from the better ones .

    Dumb asses buy into swing systems thinking they will suddenly be able to “play”

    A segment or series on nothing but how & why to get out of trouble & save strokes would be good .

  3. Bob34

    I definetly agree with banchi but in addition, I think the blog would get more attention if the forum got more.

    It’s easier to ask questions on the forum than it is on the blog.


  4. Calvin D

    More personal stuff. I mean about your goal to get back on tour and what your practice routines and other preparations are. State of your game currently. I find these things extremely interesting but I don’t see that you are really sharing that; perhaps you have good reason. There are thousands of us who identify strongly with that sort of quest. Kind of like the “Dream On” guy but with much, much more at stake.

    I kind of relate you to players who peaked and played their best golf at and after 40. Hogan, O’meara, maybe Mickelson and others. Hell, Watson seems intent on doing it at 60.

    I would like to see your commentary on the swing of everybody’s ideal swinger (Couples). I thought it was an excellent observation by you that nobody copies his swing in spite of the universal admiration. I love to watch it but I don’t see how any normal human can get in that position at the top. 🙂

    • Bob34

      I have no problem getting in that position at the top but for years and years I’ve tried not to because it defies “conventional” instruction… When I first started playing, I tried to emulate Freddy’s swing just by watching him. Then I started taking lessons 😉 I took one lesson from Monte awhile back and have simplified & significantly reduced my routine and swing thoughts. Things are gradually coming around.

      • Calvin D

        Wait, what? You have no problem getting that position at the top? His trail upper arm is on plane with his shoulders! That’s not flying, that’s soaring. I can barely get mine there sitting in this chair and when I do my hand is over the top of my head. I still say it takes a particular physical conformation and maybe you are built like Freddie.

      • Bob34

        Now, I have the opposite problem, my right arm is stuck to my body because I needed to be connected 🙂 One of the pieces of my lesson with Monte was to get a little less connected 🙂

        Personally, and I could be wrong but I don’t consider the trailing elbow to be flying unless it’s pointed behind you instead of more towards the ground. It can be ‘up’ quite a bit as long as it’s not pointed behind you.

  5. hackgolfer

    I’ll bet that when you get on the Tour, you’ll get way more readers!?

  6. JD


    Love the blog. Here are some ideas in no particular order.

    (1) Analyze more swings, even if it’s just to illustrate a point about a particular swing idea you are discussing. Or a full analysis is good. I remember one you did of Justin Leonard that I really liked. Anyway, you could do a tour through some of the great swings. You could pick out a swing of someone who just won a tour event. You could even analyze an amateur’s swing.

    (2) Pick out a common fault and discuss particular ways to remedy it, including drills, thoughts, analogies, etc.

    (3) Love the stories of your golf experiences, even current ones about overhearing bad advice on the range. Your humor comes through in those stories, always a good thing.

    (4) Discuss different methodologies, pros and cons, what you like, what you don’t. You could post on Ballard, Stack & Tilt, etc.

  7. Calvin D

    Which of today’s gurus could have made it or could make it on tour?

    Bedwetter? Haney? Harmon? Single plane guy? Kuykendall?:) Ballard? Quinton? Flick?
    Manzilla? The little guy that coached Nicklaus and Mickelson?

  8. JW

    A friend from work told me about your blog. I read a couple of posts and realized I was going to have to read everything, so I started from the beginning and have read through it all over the past few weeks. Here are my thoughts:

    (1) Without turning it into a “swing system”, make your fundamentals easily accessible from the front page. Those would be the things you say have to be in a successful golf swing (correct shoulder turn and things like that).

    (2) Continue to pursue competitive golf (PGA or otherwise) and write about your successes and frustrations. These posts are very interesting to me and I’m sure to others as well.

    (3) You mentioned at some point going to play a round with a reader of your blog. I think this would make for a great series of posts. I’m sure most of us have wondered how a professional would fare on our local course, and this would give us a chance to find out. Video of the event would be awesome too. With that said, you’d have to decide if the investment would really be worthwhile.

    (4) Consider picking a random reader each month and doing a single video lesson for them that you post on the blog (the submitted video as well as your instruction). The instruction might be useful to everyone, the chosen reader would get a free lesson, and you could advertise what you do in your online lessons, hopefully encouraging more people to try them out.

    (5) This is really picky, but pay closer attention to spelling. I think you write well and I like your style, but it would be good to run the posts through the spell checker just to ensure as professional an appearance as possible.

    (6) Keep doing what you are doing as far as the type of content you have posted from the beginning. It is great stuff!

  9. James

    I agree with most everything JW said, especially comment #1. I’ve referred a couple people to your blog, but I could understand if they might have trouble finding your thoughts on a particular swing issue or some specific part of playing the game on the site.

    Keep writing posts like the “Catch 22” post a while back. As a result of following your blog, my entire attitude about the game has changed. I have much more fun now, even when I don’t play my best. It would be great to see newer readers benefit from the same types of posts.

  10. Dion

    A few photos of naked women wouldn’t go astray.

    • hackgolfer

      or maybe some commentary on The Big Break (Sandals Resort) to make it more golf related?

  11. Steve Bishop

    I second the naked women. That would bring in some readers. Haha.

  12. Steelydan

    1) Recommendations for golf-related workout. Which muscles should the average Joe train or stretch in the gym and/or at home?

    2) A video on: Why exactly will a flat/inside backswing lead to rerouting and OTT? Why can’t you attack the ball on the same plane as your backswing?



  13. Steelydan

    …another good way to attract readers is to subscribe to other (related) blogs. Guess it is called blogroll.

  14. QTLAW


    Not sure I have a suggestion because I just found your plane and release video and it was absolutely perfect for what I needed to resurrect my swing. You speak very plainly and its great. As for more traffic, give it time for me and other new converts to get your message out there. Its a great simple message and it will stand the test of time if you let it.

    A huge thanks from a new fan.


  15. Calvin D

    Speaking personally but with suspicion that it is a common am problem and maybe the most critical one, I have great difficulty with getting my swing to “bottom out” opposite my left instep as is required to strike ball then turf. Normally when my clubhead reaches that point it is up and winging left. I generally pick the ball and hit it straight without much steam. Misses are pulls, pull hooks and the occasional slice. Never and I mean never do I start the ball right and draw it back on target. It is obvious that scratch players can bottom their swings out left of center with comfort and fluidity and power. There has to be a reason why it is an uncomfortable power draining stretch for me. Some arrangement of body parts with which I am not familiar. I have made compensations that allow me to play in the low eighties but I know I am missing something extremely critical. This problem effects everything from chips to drives.

  16. insiviown

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  17. insiviown

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  18. James

    I’ve referred a couple of relative beginners to your site, and they actually gave me a little feedback. They know very little about the supposed technical aspects of the swing, so most of your stuff is over their heads. Maybe you can do some posts aimed at beginners?

  19. tom

    i’d like to see a segment on how to “put it all together” into a full speed swing.

    the “natural” release makes sense and is easy to do standing vertically, and coupled with the quasi 9 to 3 exercise with relaxed arms can be used to hit 100 yard 7 irons right to the pin all day long.

    the $1mil question that feeds the swing systems, swing gurus, and swing gadgets is how to get those 7 irons shots to go 150-170 yards with the same accuracy.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      tom, all you have to do is add a bit more shoulder turn to 9-3 drill and VIOLA!!!!!!

  20. Walter

    I love your blog just the way it is. I am a meat and potatoes guy, leave all thay over technical stuff for the golf channel. The biggest problem most of us have is we tend to over complicate a vcery simple game. Last week I took a step bact in time and played nine hole with just my, 3-wood, five iron, seven iron, nine iron, and putter shot a 37 from the middle tees. Sometimes simple is better

  21. James H

    I saw something on the golf channel called “become the next golf channel instructor” inviting teachers to send in videos. That would increase your readership a little. That would be awesome!

  22. Colby

    Would love to see a post on the 3wood off the deck. I’m ok with it off the tee but a disaster off the deck. Also some guidance on when you should and shouldn’t pull the 3wood out for that second shot.


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