The topped putter chip

In the video below you will notice the ball position is behind my back foot and my hands are well forward. I could have played it back a little more and put the hands more forward.

You MUST hit down on this shot. Any attempt to help it in the air and it won’t work. The object is to pinch the ball between the putter face and ground and get it to squirt out. That will pop it out of a bad lie as in the first shot I hit, or get it to bounce immediately to jump a sprinkler head, bad tuft of grass, etc…as in the second shot. That shot was from an old divot that hadn’t grown in. It was on hard dirt with rough all around it and you can see how easy it was. The third shot shows a closeup of the stance and immediate hinging of the wrists.

You can hit it from almost anywhere. Up against high rough when you are in the fringe, from a bare lie that you can’t get the LW under, or any other shot that makes you nervous. The only two requirements is that the lie is firm under the ball and that you hit straight down on it.

You will find you don’t have to hit it nearly as hard as you think as the ball squirts out quite nicely.




  1. Peter B

    Disgusting shot but if it works Ill use it đŸ˜€

  2. S.

    Good shot. I also really like this one of yours, about the bottom of the swing.


  3. Bob T.

    I use this shot from time to time. Thanks for making me feel so competent. One word of caution: You create a lot of topspin so plan on quite a bit of run out. I never thought about using it on shots over sprinklers though.

  4. banchiline

    That could be very handy . I’m gonna have to play with it & hope to add it to the bag of tricks .

    Whatever it takes to save a shot


  5. carrera

    How would you compare this to the “chip with a hybrid” shot in terms of ease of execution?

  6. Keith Z.

    Chi-Chi showed this shot on Inside The PGA Tour back in the early 90’s and I have used it from time to time out of the rough close to the green. It works great. Like it was said above, the ball will run.

  7. hackgolfer

    I thought you get relief over sprinkler heads now?

  8. Michael

    You only get relief from sprinkler heads if it affects your stance, or if the ball is on/touching the sprinkler head as far as I can recall.

  9. Jim DUnlop

    Have used this shot several times already to good effect. Yesterday I holed out from about 25 feet. Thanks Monte, it’s a great tip!

  10. Filou

    Hi Monte,

    thanks a lot. Brilliant. It’s so easy.

    by yours Filou


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