My new instructional video Drive4Dough

Drive4Dough is nearly 4 hours of content on hitting the driver farther and straighter. How to get more speed, more center faced contact, drills, swing faults and fixes, misconceptions and myth busting, how to make a good golf swing in general, course management, etc.

LINK to trailer

LINK to video

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Lastly, thank you to everyone who donated to my son’s fundraiser, I can’t thank you all enough.




  1. Marcus Deckert

    Monte, you should put a link to purchase it in the youtube description.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      There is a link in the top left corner of the video itself.

  2. Bruce Boardman

    Good instruction. I really got the idea that the weight of the club head at delivery (100 lbs), is going to be best supported with the arms coming down the chest. I wouldn’t swing a 100 lbs sack of something with my arms extended and expect it to consistently pass through the same space. Really helpful teaching. Thanks

  3. Jon S

    So much great content in this video. This will be something to refer to over and over and pick up something new every time. Like you say in the video hopefully there are 1 or 2 ideas one can key on and employ to help them. For me right now that’s the thought of the right shoulder out and around. Feels so wrong initially coming from a chronic shoulder dropper but the proof is in the pudding! Have a tendency to crank some way left however. Great stuff man, thanks!

  4. blades

    I’ve watched about an hour, and it’s great. The production values exceed Monte’s already high standard (no other instructional video I’ve seen is even close). I downloaded the 720 resolution version to fit my iPad, then used an Airplay connection to watch on my new TV. Wow, Monte on the big screen, and it looks fabulous. And the instruction is great. I have already learned how to get my hands into the perfect backswing position, and the idea is so clear and easy. Looking forward to enjoying almost 3 more hours!

  5. Joe White

    Monte, I am a 7 handicap and physical therapist in AZ. My job is to train new neural patterns in stroke victims and post surgical patients. I love the way you teach “intent” for when you start the downswing. Our neurology is too complex to make changes once we start the downswing. I also found out from the “left arm off the body” that my scapular control sucks, and is creating too much rotation at the start of the downswing. I have been studying the golf swing for many years and playing for over 30, and find “drive for dough” refreshing and comprehensive.

    Really good stuff, thanks

    Joe White PTA


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