Impact Bag, Medicus, weighted clubs and The Iron Maiden are…

all in the same category. Torture devices. I am not saying these devices have never helped anyone…actually yes, they have never helped anyone…the right way.

Any device that masks a swing flaw by creating another, is just plain terrible. I am not going to go into every training aid, because I am sure there are 1 or 2 that have some merit, but these three are horrid.

I could sit here for hours and pontificate reasons why these and other training aids are bad, but I don’t feel like it because I am angry enough already.

I will just say The Medicus makes you contrive an extremely slow backswing…and you all know how a slow backswing is bad for rhythm. Every medicus user I have personally seen has a backswing that can be measure with a sundial and a backswing that takes place in 14 different contrived parts in order to keep the hinges from breaking.

Weighted clubs just cause micro tears till they cause a serious injury to all joints in your body that a golf swing stresses.

Then we have the magic impact bag. The magical cure for casting/chucking/early release and more club speed. Couldn’t we just reduce our dominant hand grip pressure or shorten our swings, instead of destroying our rhythm, teaching ourselves to hold on for dear life and learning to stop our swings 6 inches after we hit the ball (trust me, I have seen dozens of people have this happen from hours of impact bag use)…not to mention torn rotator cuffs and ligament damage in the hands and wrists.

Module 2?????
You will get more use out of whacking soiled diapers around your back yard. You will end up with the same substance all over yourself during both processes.

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  1. John

    My left shoulder is still recovering from Module 1!

    The best thing that ever happened to my impact bag was when my nephew tore a big hole in it, swinging at it like the club was an axe : )

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Your nephew deserves a gift. I can just picture him attacking it…LOL.

  2. banchiline

    Only impact bag I ever had was a beautiful blow-up doll my buddies left in my car once as a joke . I continued the joke by leaving her there . She rode with me everywhere for weeks . The weekly stops at the bank drive-through was a trip . I would talk to her while my transaction was working . Every now & then I would reach over a touch her or kiss her . Once I mauled her right on the spot.

    We drew quite a bit of attention at the bank window.

    Her fate was sealed when I got frisky one Friday night after a few drafts………….got her out of my car …..we went upstairs & I stripped her down . Jumped on her in the bed……………bit her on her biggest boob…………….that’s when she farted & flew out the window………….

    I was deflated

    • Bob34

      While that just wrong, I have to admit I was ROFLMAO!

  3. Husker

    Can you name some training aids that are worthwhile? How about the Whippy TempoMaster clubs? Swing Jacket? Others?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I am just not a fan of training aids. I can see the merits of the tempomaster for some, but The swing jacket sounds like a another torture device. It forces you to swing a certain way and not necessarily the right one for each individual.

  4. meateater


    Ever use the Speed Chains or similar device?

  5. Paul

    How about a short video on the benefits of how a shorter BS, and proper grip pressure, can help prevent flipping and early release. When I think, three quarter swing, it’s amazing how much my impact cleans ups, and the BS is usually full and complete. Agree with everything you’ve said. Good post.

  6. carrera

    Monte, can you clarify, do you like Training Aids?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Most training aids are like kicking the wall to break your toe to make you forget you have a headache. Just wanted to clarify for you C 🙂

  7. Michael

    What do you think of weighted clubs just for the benefit of loosening up?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Michael, I don’t like them for anything. I think using them is an injury in some of the soft tissues of your body waiting to happen.

      • carrera

        I agree. I made a mess out of my left shoulder with a Momentus years ago.

  8. Ric

    After having surgery on my elbow and a torn labrum in my shoulder I have burned the impact bag in ephigy and plan on killing David Ledbetter with my weighted club.
    I do however like the Orange whip and tempo master because they help with timing and rythem and don’t put you in any particular positions that a chiropractor has to get you out of.


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