Great comments this past weekend.

Putting those videos up was an exercise in perception for all of you.

George J at 9:04 last night made the winning comment. He wins…the adulation of 100’s. Now if all you ducks who read this blog weren’t being so selfish and not telling your friends about me…George would be wining the adulation of tens of thousands. I know beating your friends at golf for $2 Nassaus is great, but being charitable is good Karma.

Anyway, I have seen one of these guys a lot and the other a few times. I am not going to break down their swings because I am sure they are good guys just trying to get better.

I took the videos with my cell phone and didn’t care about the angles.

Here is what I cared about. I wanted all of you to see how you perceive golf swings.

If in your comments you tended to be critical of these swings on posture, turn and contact, you are headed in the right direction.

If you were enamored with the aesthetics, especially if you thought the rhythm in swing #2 was good…you need to change your perception of what a good golf swing is. The “scratch finish” confuses more people into thinking a golf swing is good than any other component.

IMO, neither of these swings are very sound fundamentally and they are contrived to “look good.” Obviously neither of these guys are terrible golfers, but their swings are more tailored to be pretty than to deliver a constant, accelerated strike to the ball. That is what modern golf instruction is all about. Can you contrive a swing to look good and/or hit the right positions/motions.

There used to be an employee at PGA West when I was a member there. He would lift the club with his arms to the top, pause and drop his arms on the ball with literally no lower body rotation. The momentum of the club…again literally…stopped a foot or two past the ball and he would very stylishly and slowly pull the club up into the perfect reverse C finish. All of the members would rant and rave about how pretty his swing was. He couldn’t break 80 on his best day and often not 90. I tried to tell him, but he would say, “my swing is pure, everyone says so and I saw you hit two OB off the 6th tee the other day.” Nice logic. It didn’t dawn on him that he hit none OB on that hole, I shot under par in spite of the OB’s and he probably put the double snowman on the board.

In the mid 90’s I polled as many mid-high handicappers as I could on who they thought had the best swing on the PGA Tour. I further said they were to judge purely on the fundamentals. The consensus was Fred Couples…who did have the prettiest swing, but has several fundamental flaws.

Aesthetics get way too much play in judging the excellence of a golf swing. They should get zero play. Jim Furyk, Dustin Johnson, Miguel Angel Jiminez have heinous looking golf swings. If they were not famous golfers, they would be rated a distant third, forth and fifth to the swings I posted yesterday just because of aesthetics.

So with these thoughts in mind, go watch the videos again. This is not an exercise in me saying these guys are chops with pretty swings, it is an exercise in understanding what is important for each one of you to improve your swings.

There is too much effort in trying to make swings perfect and pretty. The onus should be on making them more efficient and that isn’t always pretty.

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  1. gwlee7

    So I am going to hazard a guess that to you, as long as it’s not going to put you in the hospital, a “pretty” swing is the one that consistently hits the ball to the desired target.

    We are going to get along fabulously.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      That about covers it. There is no right way to swing a golf club. We just have to start eliminating some of the wrong ways and the right way for each of us will present itself.

      • gwlee7

        Well, look for a video of my snake killing swing sometime very soon. Maybe even tomorrow if I get to the range after work.

  2. banchiline

    Well Greg …………………… deja vu ? He he……. fabulous .

    Destined to full circle .

    • shoot54today

      We should have stuck around a tad longer………oh, we couldn’t we got banned! Now offering Instrutor Certification. That’s gotta be huge.

      • gwlee7

        Oh!!! Banned Camp. Do tell.

  3. gwlee7

    It was my fault for not leaving over there sooner. I “thought” it might work if I stuck with it but, it became way too complicated for me.

  4. Bob34

    IT IS THE .com WAY, start simple, build a congregation, add more and more crapola to entice more congregation and until you have a system, write books, make DVD’s, find a Doc(s) to verify that your system is the most efficient and biomechanically safe, and then get schmucks that have no other credentials other than going to a clinic and passing an online course to get ‘certified’.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no problem with capitalistic instructors. They should make money when offering a VALUABLE service. Really no one to blame but myself though, took me too long to realize that while there’s a lot of neat stuff on that site, there isn’t anything of value to actually HELP my golf game…

    BTW Monte, I told at least 5 of my friends about this site just last week 🙂

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I am not going to change my way. My system is there is no system. If I am going to bring more people here and sell books and DVD’s, it’s going to be with what I have done so far.

  5. Bob34


    From your writings, you don’t seem like the kinda guy that would change. I apologize for the rants. I guess I’m coming from a broken relationship so to speak and am just frustrated from all the mechanical swing thought knots I’ve been tied up in but through some of my friends that have been telling me this, finding your site convinced me that’s the worst thing I could be doing. Just purging all of the garbage and swinging freely is huge! I wanna go through another week or two of that and start anew; one thing at a time that builds on the golf swing I have…


    • Monte Scheinblum

      Rants and healing is what this site is all about. I am a one man intervention. 😀

  6. Justin Wheeler

    I will try to contain my frustration…I am told over and over that I have such a nice swing, yadda, yadda, yadda. However, I am a 15 Hdcp used to be a 3 before marriage and a kid. I am working on simplification, ie: posture, shoulder turn, etc. My swing is home grown. It happens to look good most likely because I am very tall and fluid. I have not contrived it to look good at all. I don’t care about it looking good, but it’s what I have.

    But when I re-watch those swings, it looks like #1 has decent posture and turn. He is probably a little armsy and takes it inside and swings too far back. #2 has poor posture. What is it that you see in these swings that seems to make you so passionate almost sounding frustrated?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      What makes me frustrated is how painfully obvious to me that having a pretty swing is more important to these guys than hitting the ball well. I have watched both of them enough to know this for sure…even if they don’t know it consciously. I have heard what #2 is working on 3-4 times. I am not frustrated at them…I am frustrated for them.

      • Justin Wheeler

        That works for me. I get really frustrated when some of the old boys at the club tell me my swing is too nice to have a high handicap. It feels like a folding lawn chair and my timing is off and I feel like I am just making an effort to connect. And yet they say I have a really nice swing. HA! Now, I am working on compacting the swing, shoulder turn and it’s working! Thanks for the blog.

        • Monte Scheinblum

          No problem JW. As you can see from today’s post, your old boys are not alone. It’s basically what everyone thinks.

  7. George J

    Monte-thanks for, well, the response to my comment! Wow! Sometimes I really “feel” that I know it when I see it. But now, doing it….that’s another matter. I play very little right now and got my first tournament of the year coming up–charity stuff. Am going to try and apply what I am learning here. I know that I tend to be a “caster” and hit from outside in. Think you have hit on it in that I take my backswing back farther than my shoulder turn and have to “catch up.” Really am enjoying your blog

  8. mship

    I am one of the guys that gwlee and bob34 brought over and I do not regret that site one bit. I have learned SO much from that site it is unbelievable. Monte I will be the first to tell you I may not agree with everything you say but you really do have a simple approach and golden nuggets that I have learned from other sites are definitley serving me well watching your videos.


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