I want you guys to look at these swings

For the weekend, watch these videos of two swings and tell me what you think of them. On Monday, I am going to have a post concerning them. I would love to hear any and all comments. There are no wrong answers. I needs as many comments as possible…and I will have a point to it, so you would be helping me out.

Even if it’s only…”#1 has nice legs and #2 needs a hair cut.”

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  1. Cal

    Combine #1’s posture with #2’s shoulder turn you get yourself a world-beater. Combine #1’s extra arm swing with #2’s posture you get me.

    Both have nice rhythm.

  2. Husker

    Agree somewhat with the first reply.

    #1’s setup seems excellent while #2’s posture seems slouched and out of balance. There also seems to be a great deal of head movement with #2.

    It’s difficult to tell on these – perhaps the camera was hand-held vs. mounted on a tripod. A tripod should be used, and different angles shot. The angles shown are poor.

  3. jdm850

    No. 1 looks to be trying to start his swing “low and slow” and as we all know now that’s no good. He’s trying to make his finish look good instead of letting it happen as a result of his swing.

    I agree that No. 2’s posture is bad. He also seems to have some up and down motion in his swing, probably related to his posture issues.

  4. bobinpa

    Hard to word my reply but I’ll try…

    The first golfer has an aesthetically pleasing swing as we’ve been told how it should look by golfing magazines and countless instructors. He has had hours of instruction but also needs to spend hours on the range keeping it tuned. While we can all strive for perfection most of us will never get to that level.

    The second golfers swing is not as aesthetically pleasing but has a fine rhythm to it and easily serviced. He probably just warms up on the range, goes out and has a great time on the course and goes back to his 9 to 5 like most of us.

      • bobinpa

        ha, ha! shows my ability to judge. then #2 needs spend more time on the course than on the range.

  5. s.

    #2, a lot of knee bend in his setup, might be bouncing up, a little Sergio hand action.

    Hard to tell a whole lot. What club were they hitting, how far did it go, what was the ball flight, how close to the target…?

  6. radioman

    The biggest difference I see is the camera angles.
    Number 2 camera is more directly down the target
    Other than that and a little difference in posture,
    the swings look very similar.

  7. Christian

    The first guy looks like he starts his takeaway too far to the inside and then lifts it way up at the top. He also seems to be raising up and losing his spine angle a bit. His transition and hip turn through impact look good into a nice finish.

    The second guy also seems a bit inside initially on the takeaway. Then it looks like his head drops a little at the top of the backswing so his spine angle increases a bit. He may have too much weight on his heels at address so he shifts forward through the backswing.

  8. banchiline

    I’m one of those that that isn’t going to say too much about someones ” swing ” . I might make a few minor tweaks to posture & set-up , grip ……….
    I (like Monte) like really ,really simple stuff . A few of the other guys here can attest to that .

    I know & have known lots of guys over the years that ” had no swing” and would beat the hell out of almost anyone . There is no comparison between “swingers” & “players” . Not to say you can’t or shouldn’t work to have both . I think you should . But most spend a lifetime chasing a “good swing” rather than having fun & chasing a “good game” . Good swings don’t promise good games . :Bad swings don’t promise bad games .
    How many here would blast Jim Furyk if you didn’t know it was “Jim Furyk” about his swing ?

    My point is we need to balance things . Work on simple fundamentals & very basic swing motions . Not swing positions . I hate swing positions . There are NO positions . There are only motions .

    The flip side needs to be working on our games . Learn to hit “shots” . Try to learn to play .

    • gwlee7

      Here’s the real key and you have hit the nail on the head. I don’t know how to “critique” anybody’s swing. I would imagine that If either one of these guys has a short game and can putt well, they are going to score well. I got carried down the “golf swing” path by my former instructor when he decided to chase the perfect swing (or maybe in his case, just chase up some more business). Anyhow, I used to be able to keep the ball relatively in play and could score. Bob34 can attest to that as he watched me shoot a 75 on a course I had never seen before one time shoot 71 (par of 71) on another course the second time we played it. All I ever thought about it where I wanted the ball to and as I jokingly told Monte in an e-mail, my swing looked like someone killing a snake with a hoe.

      At the moment, I am kind of monked up and am hoping that with Monte’s help, I get bakc to just thinking about where I want the ball to go and then hitting it there.

  9. suddy

    They both look like they can play.They both swing thru the ball very good.First one has better set up.

  10. Michael

    Both are letting the arms continue to move once the shoulders have stopped.

    Swing two looked a little steep, probably more caused from the arm trouble.

  11. radioman


    There isn’t any exact reference concerning the target line of either golfer.
    My guess would be that golfer 1 is either square, or slightly open.
    Golfer 2 may be a little closed. Impossible to tell without a reference.
    Therefor, it’s difficult to critique either swing properly.


  12. sevenonsunday

    they both turn their shoulders?

  13. meateater

    Swing one looked OTT to me. Swing two had poor posture but nice dynamics once he got it moving.

  14. Bob34

    Only caused you asked for it…

    For swing 1 Setup looks OK from that angle. That person uses their hip turn to start the backswing which brings the club inside early so there’s just a little re-routing as they bring the club to the top and transition.

    Swing 2 needs to get their butt out from underneath them at setup and go from there…

    gwlee looks like he’s trying to kill a snake with hoe and still beats me on a regular basis. 🙂


  15. Bardolinks

    I’ve really no clue. I’d have to see the result, just like the guys on TV who only ever critique when they know what happened to the ball.

  16. Carrera

    #1 looked like he hit it a bit heavy, and he has an LPGA-looking tempo. He brings the club inside at the start, and there is a bit of “club run on” at the top.

    #2 looks like Mark Fidrych or a young Bobby Clampett and has sub-optimal posture and looks like his backswing is too long for a short iron. Looks like he holds off the release a bit. His weight goes out on his toes on the backswing, probably related to his poor setup posture.

    Both guys can probably play well but the above comments are my unfiltered observations based on the YouTubes.

  17. Dave

    All I know is that I would quite happily swap my swing for either of those.

  18. Dion

    They must be good if they carry their bags but number two looks like his might be a bit too heavy!

  19. sensei

    Both seem to be youngsters. Both have a nice rhythm to their swings. Both seem to have a good ball contact. Nr.1 is more concerned with posture ( the “I’m so vain” type) Nr.2 likes his swing the way it is and looks like he can shoot a decent number.
    I hope they are not going to be spoiled by instruction! 🙂

  20. SteelyDan

    Are these two swings of the same guy? #1 seems to lead with the hips, #2 is more in sync. #1 is overall flatter, #2 drops his hands and exits higher.

  21. A Tyler

    #1 backswing seems a little too slow. #2 posture issues, but what do I know.

  22. Mike Z

    1 seems to pull the club inside with the arms a little bit, and might lead with the hips instead of turning through the ball in-sync.

    2 seems to reach for the ball at address, and might have issues with balance/plane as a result.

    I would guess that 2 usually hits the ball a little higher than most good players, and 1 hits the ball a little lower.

  23. Calvin D

    I think I could poke #2 in the chest and knock him on his butt pretty easily.
    I don’t see how he could chip with that posture.

    #1 seems to have a really good flow to his swing. I don’t see anything to criticize.

    Both of them could beat the crap out of me.

  24. George J

    Can’t quite put my finger on it, but both swings looked forced, or just not natural or fluid, so there is some “trying-to-swing” thoughts going on. #1 looks like too much arm action and #2 has too much body action. Well, no expert of course, but they just don’t look like they are swinging free, but are guiding it.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      George, you are going to find out how correct you were in tomorrow’s post.


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