I hope you enjoyed the series on release.

I was a little disappointed I didn’t get more readers, but that isn’t going to stop me from my one man crusade/intervention to make golf easier and more fun for everyone. I am going to re-post the series again in the future as I do with popular and important posts.

Monday I am going to have a video on a grip test to match the natural release. After that, I am going to start more posts on “playing” the game.

Even though I have missed some of the content requests in the past, I am not ignoring them, I just haven’t been able to get to all of them. Please continue to post something you would like to see here and I will eventually get to it…even if you have posted it already…post it again.

The book is almost finished. I really think all of you will enjoy the stories about some of the fun I had and some of the bonehead moves I made to not get on the PGA Tour. Stories about other Tour players, groupies, Q-school, etc.




  1. Bob34


    The readership is bound to increase. In the short amount of time I’ve been reading your blog and from the one lesson I’ve received, you’ve helped my game tremendously! Yesterday, I won my first league match of the season handily. I can’t say thank you enough!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It was strange Bob. Readership actually went down this week.

      • Mike Z

        Well, it’s not surprising given that people are cutting back, with the economy and all…

  2. radioman


    Your teaching methodology is straightforward, correct, and truthful.
    It’s a great super highway to playing respectable golf.
    I do think that every golfer has one or two major swing faults that
    are inherently commited to their particular mind sets and body
    types. Even though I thoroughly understand what my major swing
    fault is, it is amazing how it can so easily creep into my swing as
    my old body tires out during a golf outing. What compromised my
    problem in the past was concentrating on too many doofus swing
    thoughts. I’ve been able to get beyond that because of your efforts
    on this blog. Although I’m not a fan of any personal golf instruction,
    video or otherwise, I’m going to support your efforts by going for a
    copy of your forthcoming book, since I am a fan of bone headed moves.
    (Makes me forget about my own sillyness)

    • Monte Scheinblum

      If you are a fan of boneheaded moves, you are going to love my book…LOL.

      Actually, I find it hard to believe that anyone won’t enjoy it.

      Those who are offended by bad language and premarital sex won’t like it, but everyone else will.

  3. sp

    It`s realy good. Show us more !!!
    regards from Austria

  4. Carrera

    Spring break in many places, Monte…that could be why readership dipped.

  5. kevink2

    Keep up the work Monte, you’ve really been helping my game. Shot my lowest score in over ten years a few weeks ago, utilizing much of what I learned through a lesson with you, and of course, your blog. I like how you provide some great drills, and the common sense thinking of what’s behind them- not like the Hank Haney method of just doing something it because he says it works.

  6. momentum

    keep on running

  7. seveonsunday

    Hey Monte,

    This week was great! Keep going strong. Most people think a golf swing is somthing they can buy like a new shaft for their driver with a “system”, I don’t think they realize its not that difficult. Most golf pros are like chiropractors for a monthly fee they can put a bandaid on your swing but not help you in the long run. You are a swing surgeon, you fix the problem through understanding the swing and dispelling the malarky out there! Thanks for your blog and site. For me its been an awakening!

    Thanks so much and peace out!

  8. bobinpa

    Weather too nice this past week to spend online, Monte! Look forward to your e-book.

  9. RB

    Your blog is great, keep on with it!!

  10. RClams


    The video on the “early/continuous” release was intriguing, so I tried it out on course and it works for me! Getting solid contact on most shots and straighter than before! Some tendency to pull shots, maybe because I used to be “late” releasing and pushed things right for so long that I have trained myself to set up left? Would appreciate some “slow motion” segments showing clubface angle along with the position of the arms as you bring the club down from the top. Thank you!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Seeing positions for information sake is fine, but you don’t want to see the “correct” positions and try and copy them. I am going to start practicing often and will be posting videos of my swing, both new and old.


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