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Looks like I will post my week long, five part series on the release this up coming week. After that, I will do more on approach and “playing” the game. I really think next week there is going to be something for everyone. That is why I want all you guys to send links to all your golf buddies. Everyone who watches and reads will have at least one “A Ha!” moment that will help their game.

It is very simple stuff. How the body should work naturally/automatically and some common sense ways of looking at it.

There are five different videos and I will have a few short thoughts accompanying each.

Part 1-Why an early/gradual/proper release is not a cast.

Part 2-I will prove why lagging on purpose and other cliches don’t always work correctly away from the drawing board…and I am not even going to use a golf club to prove it.

Part 3-The benefits of a proper release. All of the nasty problems it can help you with.

Part 4-Go back and watch the “plane and release by feel” video in the archives on the right side of the page and I will have more on that drill and what it can show you about good and bad releases.

Part 5-The importance of a cohesive and consistent swing from chipping though driver and how a proper release is even more important on wedges and the short game.

I also finished my book about my career. It is being looked at by some people smarter than me. So far people are really enjoying it…even the non golfers. I thought it was just about some fun and difficult experiences I had, but apparently it is more than that. Hopefully it will also be ready next week and like the videos on release, there is going to be something for everyone.

I will update here when it’s ready and where to get it.



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  1. banchiline

    Hey Monte I’m really lookin forward to this .

    Every now & then the demons rise up ………


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