Do not treat golf like a Catch-22.

(I didn’t get a chance to film the “Grip Test” video on Easter 🙂 I will do it today and post tomorrow. It goes along with last week’s series on release.)

Most golfers, including me in much of the past 10 years, treat their golf games like a Catch-22.

“I will have fun if I shoot low. If I grind on my swing and pre-shot routine, I will shoot low, but if I grind, I will not have fun and I won’t shoot low if I don’t have fun.”

That is what way too many golfers go through and it is…Really (expletive deleted) stupid.

Grinding may work for the best of the best during the last round of a major championship when the course is setup really tough, but it is not the way to better golf. Actually it doesn’t work most of the time for the best of the best, as that is what often leads to choking.

Golf should be treated like a win-win. If I have fun, I will shoot low…and if I don’t shoot low…I am playing golf…what’s not fun about that?

All of the circular logic aside, grinding on your golf game while playing a round of golf is not fun and you are more likely to shoot low if you are relaxed and having a good time.

Most low rounds are not played when you are hitting your best shots, they are done when you find a way to get the ball in the hole. That is an intangible and done while “playing the game” not grinding on your technique, stepping off your exact yardage or reading a putt for 10 minutes.

A short basic pre-shot routine that is easy to repeat, a vague idea of where to hit your tee shot (or how far you have left to the green or how your putt breaks and speed) and a maximum of one swing thought to keep your mind from wandering and keying your swing to repeat.

…and realizing you are playing a GAME and the object is to enjoy yourself.




  1. Bob34

    The win-win attitude is starting to become more normal for me. I’m not having to catch myself from becoming frustrated nearly as much when I hit a bad shot and just flat get unlucky. Last week in my 9 hole league match, I played really well and even though I shot 40, I actually considered that going low (for me) on that day. They had just aerorated and sanded the greens that morning so I had some putts that were right on line but would take a bad bounce or two and not go in. I three putted 3 times but no one had a good putting day. In the old days, I woulda still been upset thinking I could’ve done a better job compensating for the poor green conditions, but really, that’s just stupid!

  2. Michael

    That happened to me on Good Friday. Played with a buddy of mine and sucked it around in 48. Didn’t hit my first green in regulation till the 9th hole. Snap hooked/blocked nearly every tee shot.

    New 9, just kinda relaxed and said who gives a damn anymore. Shot 40. Missed only 2 fairways and it was more from not knowing the course and couldn’t tell where the fairway went., and hit 6 greens.

    Stupid game!


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