I hope you all got cards for the Holidays

that have a commitment to pay for a lesson a week from Monte Scheinblum for the next 10 years. 🙂

All kidding aside folks, whether you take part in the new site and get lessons from me…learn from reading the blog…get lessons from someone else…or forget all of it and just go out on your own, lets all make some collective New Year’s resolutions.

1. We are all going to simplify our golf games and have more fun when we play.

2. We are going to send our long preshot routines and swing checklists to the land fill and play in 4 hours or less (kind of goes along with resolution #1, don’t you think?).

3. We are all going to stop judging Tiger…and just make fun of him for listening to Hank Haney make him swing like Mark O’meara…with a dash of Charles Barkley head dive.

4. We are going to throw away all of our long irons and use high lofted woods and hybrids.

5. We are all going to write CBS and ask if they would please replace on course and swing analyst Peter Kostas with Bozo the Clown. Would anyone notice the difference?

6. We are all going to enjoy Johnny Miller’s unique analysis of the golf being played and turn a deaf ear to anything he says about how to improve our swings.

7. We are all going to stop trying to create lag in our golf swings…and just let it increase as we improve our swings.

8. We are all going to hope that Natlie Gulbis starts wearing even shorter skirts and they show highlights of her getting her ball out of the hole on ESPN (I know, I know, I am a dirty old man).

9. We are all going to hope that Monte Scheinblum starts taking his own advice, gets his game back in shape and makes the Tour. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a real life Roy Hobbs in golf? Barbara Hersey never shot me, but working with Dave Pelz did cause me severe internal bleeding.

10. Let’s really have more fun when we play…and that includes playing faster. Maybe that can be the Holiday gift to all of the people playing behind us. 🙂

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!

(Look below this post, there are probably some of the swing analysis of pros that readers requested)




  1. S. Wood

    “Monte … taking his own advice, gets his game back in shape and makes the Tour.”

    What’s your plan for doing this?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The first thing I have to do is get myself in better shape and starting to practice every day. After that it’s up in the air about the progress I am making.

  2. A Tyler


    was #4 directed at me? :)….. or everybody

  3. Michael

    Shape? Round is a shape.. It’s worked for Tim Herron, John Daly, Andy Bean, fat Jack Nicklaus, and that Phil Mickelson guy has it not?

    You just need to get back on your Skittles and Gatorade diet and you’ll be back to your former self in no time. Who needs HGH when you can have the rush and energy from that power supplement combo?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      When I am in bad shape, my back breaks down all of the time.

  4. Jim Sims

    Get in shape. We all need someone to fill the vacuum left by TW.


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