I have been saying this all year…

…for 3 years actually. Tiger’s greatness in winning 5 times this year with this awful swing is unbelievable. For those of you who continue to criticize my analysis here, Tiger is all about winning majors, so let’s rehash his record this year.

Masters-Got in contention and bogeyed the last two holes. When has he ever done that? Never.

US Open-Got into contention early on the back 9 and wiped his way into the clubhouse, one over.

British-missed first cut in his pro major career (I don’t count the US Open at Winged Foot after his father died)

PGA-Gave up 54 hole lead for the first time ever, including bogeying the last two holes.

Tiger doesn’t chunk woods the during the last 9 Sunday, regardless of the lie. He doesn’t bogey the last two holes of a major when he is in contention (twice). He doesn’t miss cuts in majors. He doesn’t fold his charges…ever. Yet he has done all of these things this year.

All of his other accomplishments this year notwithstanding, this is the worst year of his career, because majors is how he measures himself. Since his short game is even better than it was early in his career, his swing gave away at least two majors, couldn’t get it done in a third and missed his only cut in his forth.

This swing experiment is a complete disaster by his standards. Tiger would rather have one victory in a major and one for the year, than 5 victories and no majors. If you disagree, you just don’t know the situation.




  1. meateater

    Monte, I’m not defending Tiger’s swing, but he must have missed 7 or 8 10 footers yesterday. Normally, he is the very definition of money on those.

    ps. What’s the deal with Stevie taking his bib off on 18? Is he allowed to do that? Does he feel he is more a player than a caddy now? Whatever, the Tour needs to put a stop to it.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I realize Tiger’s putting wasn’t up to snuff, but it was obvious he was afraid of his swing/long game all weekend. I even predicted if someone got near him and he began to press, it would be a bad result.

      IMO, it wasn’t a case of his putter failing him as much as his putter didn’t save him as often as usual.

  2. Tony Kim

    Tiger under Butch would just demolish the competition…simple as that. It didn’t matter if he missed a few putts here or there. Heck, I even remember when he made a triple-bogey late in the 4th round during a major where he was winning by so much, it didn’t really matter.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s nice to know I am not the only one who sees this.

  3. Victor


    Could you share your thoughts on Lucas Glover’s swing and maybe a Sergio Garcia comparison if applicable?

    Both of them seem to have a pronounced loweringdropping of the club on the downswing. Garcia also has freakish power for such a skinny guy (I agree weight lifting is detrimental to the golf swing). Why don’t their swings bring them back too low beneath the plane?

    Is that why Lucas Glover was hooking everything on Sunday at the PGA Championship?


    • Monte Scheinblum

      I believe they are both teetering on being underneath and open. Some days they are right there and that is when you see them do well, while other times they are underneath and open and you see them play themselves out of contention.

      As you said with Glover, he teetered on the wrong side yesterday and was letting go of the club after hitting hooks.

  4. matt curci

    You can all say what you want about tiger fact of the matter is he is the GREATEST golfer EVER hands down

    so botch and moan about his swing and after he wins another 5-10 majors talk crap about his shitty swing

    oh yea and talk about him being the first BILLIONIARE athelete yea sucks to be tiger we all wish we could

    have that shit swing. And when you really want to feel bad about life just remember when i finished ACE

    BIRDIE at the nick private to beat you and bittick one up HOW YOU DOING lol i am out

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I knew a schlep like you would show up and talk smack here someday. Looks like that day has come.

  5. matt curci

    LOL how you been long ball ? It does make me laugh that everyone critiques tiger yet the guy is always

    there and he is HUMAN if you dont think he will win 5-10 more majors with any swing you are fooling yourself

    anyways good to see your alive and well and you typical MONTE self

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Good to hear from you Matt. You haven’t read all of the posts. The point is not criticizing Tiger, it’s criticizing Haney. The whole point of this blog was for me to rant about how bad modern golf teaching is and how it is all about creating some BS system to conform everyone to so books and videos can be sold. In other words, it’s all marketing BS. If you go back and read some of my previous posts, I regale in Tiger’s greatness and work ethic and rag on Haney and what he has done to Tiger’s swing.

  6. matt curci

    My bad i am just reading old ones now i got a lesson from haney and i really never liked his teaching method

    but i am a chop so i dont think it means much lol if you do face book add me so we can chat if you could

    help me chip i would be in debt to you forever i have the “yips” and cannot get rid of them its a very humbling

    experience put a little cure in your blog for that

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I also had the chip yips courtesy of good old Dave Pelz. i don’t know if it will help you, but I got rid of them by releasing the club sooner. Not throwing it with the right hand, but using my forearms to rotate the club closed sooner.

      Also, making sure my hands stayed level to the address position through impact and not pulling them up or into my body. Good luck.


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