Don’t copy what PGA Tour players do.

I hear it every day from friends, family members and strangers alike. “I saw _____________ (fill in the blank PGA Tour Player) on TV today and the announcer said he had problem “X” and he is doing “Y” to fix it. I have problem “X” and I am doing “Y” to fix it.”

All I can say is LOL!!!!!!!

Here are two examples.

My father-in-law is 65 years old, shoots in the low 100’s, is over 6 feet and has a slender build. One day he is doing something odd and says, “I saw Angel Cabrera on TV, he was missing the ball to the right and started getting his hands higher. I miss the ball to the right all the time so I am getting my hands higher.”
It didn’t dawn on him that Angel Cabrera is younger, stronger, shorter, more stoutly built and is a two time major winner. What are the odds it was the same problem.

My best friend’s father is an 80’s shooter. He is also in his sixties and squat of build. He aims way right and wonders why he hits it right all the time…well, one day he gets an idea why. “Tiger was missing it right today and the announcer said he was stuck, missing it right and was trying to get his hands away from his body more. I am always stuck and missing it right, so I am going to try and get my hands farther away from me.” So he stood farther away from the ball, which made him aim more right and play worse. He neglected to realize the announcer meant Tiger was trying to get his hands farther away from him on the downswing, not at address.

The moral to the story. What are the odds of all of the following happening?

1. You are the same exact build as PGA Tour player “Z.”
2. You have the same skill as PGA Tour player “Z.”
3. You practice as much as PGA Tour player “Z.”
4. You understand the swing flaw of PGA Tour player “Z.”
5. You have the ability to understand what your exact swing flaw is.
6. You have the understanding of the swing fix PGA Tour player “Z” is doing.
7. You actually implement the exact swing fix that PGA Tour player “Z” is.
8. You know for sure the swing fix PGA Tour player “Z” is implementing is actually the right fix for what he is doing wrong.

If you can’t say yes to all 8 of the above, don’t copy what PGA Tour players are doing. Actually, the odds that even 4 of the above are true is ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERO! So don’t copy what PGA tour players are doing…ever.

You especially don’t want to copy anything in Tiger’s swing right now, because even he can’t do it.

Stick to proper setup, rhythm and balance.



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