Restating my position on Tiger for the new readers.

Not just my position on Tiger, but the whole reason for me starting this blog.

I think Tiger has unreal skill, focus and work ethic. As a fan of golf I am appalled what Haney has done to his swing.

I believe that modern golf instruction, especially by the big name gurus, is a farce. It is all systems they invented to sell golf schools, videos and books and they are too complicated and too general for most of the public to be helped by them. Even individual golf lessons by most teachers have become too dogmatic and not individually tailored to the individual. Try that tongue twister and that is what the lessons will do to your swing.

As a fan of golf, I am angry to see this “system” approach hampering Tiger’s play, as it did to me and to many of you. If you don’t believe me that Haney is teaching Tiger his system, read this article by a very well respected instructor in Hawaii. Tiger now swings like O’meara…only worse.




  1. meateater

    I think tiger is at a critical point in his career on several levels. I was put off by his attitude yesterday. He was having a frustrating day, but he has to be big enough to rise above that and not act like he is having a root canal just because he is not winning. He even stooped to borderline gamesmanship, standing in his opponent’s line of vision as he was putting on one of the final holes. The announcers mentioned it and you know they would rather drink battery acid than criticize Tiger.

    The swing issues are baffling. Tiger knows as much about the golf swing as anyone. Surely he can watch his swing and see it is problematic.

    He played conservatively Saturday and Sunday. Monte thinks it is because he is afraid of his long game, Maybe, but he seemed to have his driver under control. He caught a tough break on that last par three when his ball bounded in the deep stuff, and he missed a bunch of putts he normally makes. He makes a few of them and we are not having this discussion.

  2. Kevin

    Thanks– I always enjoy Kelvin’s articles.

  3. MS Golfer

    With regards to modern golf instruction, I still say the best practice is to take a set of blades out to the range and practice as much as possible. Monte I know you posted the thread that advocates to use cavity clubs, but personally I have gotten exponentially better at ballstriking after going from Ping I3 O-size clubs to a standard blade iron and tried to figure it out by testing what works or what doesn’t work for me (also a lot of research was involved). I just think it’s too easy to build faults into your swing with ultra forgiving clubs assuming you have the swing speed to get a 5 iron off the ground. I’ve seen a study comparing the past 30some years showing that while equipment and instruction has exploded, the general handicap has stayed relatively constant. Hmmmm.

    Forget the ‘method’ stuff because it doesn’t work under pressure UNLESS you can have constant coaching all the time it may stay together, HOWEVER you still need to learn how to score/win ie many of the young American players.

    Also, good link. That instructor has a TON of good analysis.

  4. geoff duncan

    I agree with you about Haney and others. Tiger was much better with Butch. But something I think played into his problems at the PGA was playing and winning the two previous tournaments. Better to win, but I think it must take a lot out of you. Tiger didn’t look like he had his normal fire at any time during the last two rounds and Yang did. I don’t think Tiger usually plays the week before a major and I’ll be very suprised if he ever does again.

    Speaking of teachers, you may be missing your calling. Every time I’ve tried your advice it’s worked for me going back to random golf hostility days. Thanks

  5. matt

    I’ve now added that site to my favorites. A very apt pro Kelvin is!

  6. Bill Bartmann

    Excellent site, keep up the good work


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