Guess why on 12 you just almost holed that 50 yard shot and your ball striking is all over creation sometimes?

On the 50 yard shot you keep your spine angle and have soft arms and hands. On full shots you look like you are trying to hit it with the head at the end of your neck instead of the head at the end of your club shaft and your arms and hands have to snatch the club to the ball.

That’s why you exit low on the short shots and control the flight and spin…and why you exit high and sometimes lose control of those things on full shots.

Stop diving so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All my ranting, insanity and redundancy aside, Frank Nobilo just showed Tiger’s head dropping almost a foot on one swing. I don’t care who you are, you can’t be the best in the world if you continue to do that…and you are going to hurt your knee again.


You will pardon my surprise when you dove at the ball on the tee at the par 5 13th on your very next swing, got stuck and couldn’t save it with your hands.

PS to all the readers-I have said before that I am also a fan of golf and I have also experienced being in that underneath stuck position at the high club speed. It was not fun for me to go through and it is not fun for me to watch. I might institute a new fan policy where I just watch him play from 100 yards and in where it is like watching art.

Edit #2:

Tiger said on ESPN a few weeks ago that he hadn’t practiced his short game as much, because he was working on his swing. Well, Tiger, what does that tell you?

You haven’t won so many majors and countless regular events because your golf swing was perfected. You won them because you can pull of great recovery shots and have the greatest short game in the history of golf. That allows you to spray it and still win.

Now you are spraying it worse and not working as hard on you short game?

BTW, nice putt on 17.




  1. Big Ben

    Looks like he might have figured it out this morning…..7 under thru 10 with a bogey……

    • Monte Scheinblum

      That is Tiger’s greatness, his short game is great and he often adjusts from one day to the next. I have not seen the press conference or any of his swings, but I have to think it’s a bandaid that he found on the range.

      What is so impressive to me about Tiger is how he can play so bad and still shoot a decent score. Also his ability to make a swing adjustment and make it work.

      I still don’t think he can win the PGA with this dive and adjust system he has been using this year.


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