Stepping off putts?

It was bad enough when people stepped off yardages to the exact yard. If I am not in a tournament, I will see the 150 plate and see it is about 15 yards away. If its 12 or 16, it really doesn’t matter, because a back pin might be 10, 12 or 15 past center. The fact is the wind, lie and exact hit might make 1-5 yards of variance, or even more. I am not even counting the possible flier lie. The point being, the only people who know how far they are hitting it are the people playing late on Sunday on TV…and even they don’t know down to the yard. If they did, you wouldn’t see balls airmailing the green and in the front bunkers.

It cracks me up (to the point I want to hit in to them) when I see a guys shooting in the 80’s, 90’s and 100’s in front of me, stepping off yardages…sometimes two and three times and then not hitting enough club.

That was bad enough.

Then the Dave Pelz clock wedge system convinced people to step off yardages around the green. The fact it looks like 50 is meaningless because “my 9 to 9 LW goes 47 yards and a 7:30-10;30 SW goes 53, so I have to know what the yardage is. If it is 51, then it’s a 1/2″ choke down gap wedge that is 7:30-9.”

The resulting shot is a blade over the green…

“now is this a cock and pop or is it a 9 to 9 1/4″ choke down LW. I need to step off the yardage.”

OK, now we are in serious pain. Both the people doing all of this non-sense and all of us playing behind them, but at least it’s over. Or is it?

Apparently not! I am now seeing people step off putts?!?!?!?!? The slowing of pace of play isn’t the only downside. The rest of the foursome gets to enjoy moose prints all over their lines now…and the groups following get to deal with caved in sides of the cup because stepping off to near the hole, or to the side of the hole isn’t exact enough. You have to step off with a foot into the hole.

A good friend told me about a 10 year old kid, for whom a 4 putt was a success, doing this all day under the close instruction of his PGA Tour father (for those who didn’t read that article, find it in the archives, you will enjoy it).

What ever happened to playing by feel?




  1. BruinMel

    Whatever happened to attribution?!! Huh? Since I’ve started playing with you, I care less about my laser than I used to. But you’ve screwed up my chipping!! 🙂


    • Monte Scheinblum

      I didn’t screw up your chipping. After I told you what to do you admitted it was the best chipping day you had in years. Then you got lazy and stopped hitting down and through the chips. Besides, anything you do now is better than that disaster you called a short game before.


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