Every time I criticize Tiger’s swing and Hank Haney, Tiger throws in a round like this and a lot of people say, “see, he’s fine, you don’t know what you are saying. Tiger is awesome.”

Well, I agree with the last part, Tiger is awesome. I have never said anything less.

During the US Open I said his swing problems were affecting his short game and I got several virtual empty beer bottles thrown at me…only to have Tiger go on ESPN and say he has been practicing less on his short game to work on his swing.

Let me state a few things that are part fact and part my opinion.

1. Tiger’s entire year is built around winning majors. He would rather win one major and no other event, than 5 or 6 events and no majors.

2. Tiger is not winning majors because this swing he has and the bandaids (his word, not mine) he has to use to be successful with it, are making it tough for him to win the events he covets most.

3. Tiger can obviously win regular events doing what he is doing, but I don’t think he will win the PGA next week even if he shoots two more 63’s and wins the Buick by 10.

Tiger’s greatness is not that he shoots really low when he is on. It’s that he doesn’t shoot very high when he is not on. That is what is masking the trouble he is having with his swing. He is not shooting himself out of tournaments when he is really off.

I have said it before. He has the greatest short game I have seen in my lifetime. I am really impressed he is able to manage this dive in his swing to break par, let alone win PGA Tour events.

However, until he stops diving so much (he just needs to minimize it) and getting the club underneath the plane, he will have trouble winning majors. Which is his main goal.




  1. meateater

    I think you are spot on. Tiger won the U. S. Open last year, on a bum knee granted, for one reason. They cut the rough. As wild as he was off the tee, no way he would have won with a traditional Open setup. Look what happened this year, when all the rain made the rough tough. Or at the British Open, where wild shots are severely punished. When he is finding the fairway, like he did at the Memorial, he is unstoppable. Otherwise, he is increasingly dependent on a friendly course setup.

  2. PAT

    Who is on that U-tube video that has your name?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s me. That wasn’t my normal swing though. I was working on something. I didn’t post it.


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