Getting older or have permenant injury…no problem.

First off, if you have a temporary injury I would recommend staying away from golf until you are at or near 100%. You will favor the injured body part and create some really bad habits that will be hard to recover from.

Let’s get to our golfing brethren that are getting a little older and losing their flexibility, and/or have an injury that is going to cause a hindrance permanently.

Not knowing your age or injury, I obviously can’t get specific.

Priority #1: don’t do anything that hurts. Whether it is in the setup, swing or finish, doing something that hurts, even if it doesn’t make your body worse, will make you golf swing worse.

Priority #2: find yourself in balance at all times.

Priority #3: you can no longer turn as far as you used to because of loss of flexibility, either due to age or injury. This is key. You have already read this on the blog, but if you continue to try and “make a full turn” like you did when you were younger or not injured, you are going to be way out of position and put pressure on your problems area. Only turn as far as your current flexibility or injury allows you. If that is only a 3/4 or even a 1/2 back swing…then that is what you need to do. You will hit the ball as far and accurately as you are capable of. Way more so than if you artificially take the club back to parallel or where you used to.

Examples: longer arm swing, more lateral move, changing spine angle, changing swing path…those are only a few of the infinite things you can do to screw up your swing and your body to get to the arbitrary “full turn.”




  1. TonyK

    My lower back always hurts after hitting balls at the range. I know you can’t tell without seeing what I’m currently doing with my swing, but can this often be caused by an overactive lower-body?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      There’s a good chance it’s either bad posture at address, or over rotating on the back swing.

      • TonyK

        OK, thanks. My money’s on bad posture…because I’ve always had a tendency to look a bit hunched over at address.

        I’ve really compacted my backswing lately though… it’s done wonders for my game. No more reaching for a big arc and swinging with my arms. I just focus on a nice, compact shoulder turn and think about making a half-swing… I hit the ball like a machine at the range now. You should be receiving money for the information you provide!!

    • hackgolfer

      just curious…hitting on natural turf or mats on cement?

      • TonyK

        Mats on cement.

  2. JimmyBean

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    A definite great read..Jim Bean

  3. REIT

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