The “release” and “over the top” videos

It’s one video for all of it because there are some crossover ideas. I apologize if it gets too verbose, repetitive or technical, but I was trying to provide info for all levels of golfer and information seeker. I really think you are going to enjoy the content of this video.

If nothing else, you can make fun of my “golf attire” or lack thereof.





  1. Big Ben

    I really wanted to see you smack a ball onto the highway that was about 300 out there……

  2. TonyK

    That was a really good video Monte. Thanks for posting it. I tried hitting balls with a towel rod the way you demonstrated (well, I used a club) and it helped me swing inside-to-inside instead of inside-to-out.

  3. Scott

    Caught wind of you on the GEA. Your posts are great and so is this video.

  4. peter mies

    thanks for the video Monte….you certainly make it look easy…i suppose after all these years of reading I have become indoctrinated with the old and new age golf instruction…and its a real problem as if you hear the same mistakes over and over from well known teaches that’s becomes the mainstream teaching..

    is it enough to watch the video and work on the 3 steps and the slow gradual release bringing the club back to the shaft plane? That is so hard to believe. But terrific if it is.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      My theory on golf instruction is make things easier and have people be better 6 months from now. If you work on this simple stuff, you will be better 6 months form now.

  5. The Veal

    . . . And for those looking for one or two of those fancy dowel rods, look no further than Lowe’s. Sure, you could pay 20 bucks for one of those silly SKLZ Practice Pod Alignment Aids, or you could just hop over to your local Lowe’s, ask someone where the driveway reflector rods are, and you too can have a couple of those yellow or orange sticks you’re seeing show up in every pro’s bag these days. And they’re only a $1.99 each (only $1.79 if you go with the less stylish yellow . . . )

    but what I really want to know is, where can I get me one of those fancy “i don’t care if it gets barfed on” shirts?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I only paid 50 cents for my dowel rods. 🙂

      The special shirts are under armour stretchable t-shirts. A little pricey at $19.99 at your local sporting goods store, but well worth it as they are perfect to practice golf in on a hot day.

      • The Veal

        50 cents! This is an outrage! And there I was thinkin’ I was being all smart ‘n stuff . . .

        • Monte Scheinblum

          This is actually a microcosm of golf in general. This blog is the 50 cent dowel rod that hopefully works just as good or better than the $20 fancy painted sticks. Maybe that’s what I’ll call the golf gurus. Fancy painted sticks or FPS. Oh, that is a double entendre if you are into dirty acronyms.

          Although calling Dave Pelz a stick is kind of an oxymoron. Now I am getting pety, so I will stop. 🙂

          • The Veal

            Dave Pelz is the greatest golfing genius in the history of the feathery! So what if he never played the game? He’s a rocket scientist, ya know . . . (let’s see how fast we can make Monte have an aneurysm).

            FPS – it might just stick, so to speak.

  6. FredL

    I whole heartedly agree on the gradual release. I was just working on this and had the same thoughts when I stumbled onto your blog (via PinoyGolf). The lag is to difficult to time unless that is your natural rhythm. The result is an unpredictable shot…you may get lucky and hit a good one, but the odds are low.

  7. Tom

    I have seen super slo-mo video of PGA pros in competition where the lag actually INCREASES as they start the downswing, and the release begins about halfway thru the downswing. Care to comment?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Great question. If you watch carefully, the wrists don’t unhinge until later, but the club rotates with the rotation of the turn.

      any attempt to hold the lag or hold off the release, prevents the face from rotating with the turn and causes all sorts of problems.

      That is what I mean by gradual release. the club needs to rotate with the turn. The wrists unhinging is just part of it.



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