Dave Pelz must have compromising pictures of Phil Mickelson.

I know Phil has had problems with putts in the 3-5 foot range his whole career.

However, I just saw him miss a 3-footer and my opinion is that Dave Pelz should be subjected to some very uncomfortable medical treatments.

Phil has always had a great stroke. He uses that old style toe down blade putter…like an 8802 or 8813. He had an open stance and feet close together which allowed his to see the line and smooth stroke it.

His problem with short putts…when he had them…was his stroke would get a bit long and he would decel slightly and pull them.

Now he has a wide square stance, his balance is poor, he looks uncomfortable, his stoke had no rhythm and gasp…it has some subtle square to square shoulder and forearm manipulations to it. Phil, like Tiger, is so talented that he can do something awful and still shoot low…but like Tiger with his swing, when the pressure really gets tight, don’t look for this new setup and stroke to come through.

Just like when I criticize Haney about Tiger’s swing because I have been there…I am criticizing Pelz for Mickelson’s stroke…because I have been there too.

BTW-I have only seen Tiger make one swing so far and his head dropped a lot. I said at the BMW that his swing looked great because his head wasn’t dropping as much as it has been and he lapped the field. If he continues to drop his head a bunch, don’t look for that to happen this week. There is always the fact that he makes every putt inside 10 feet to lead him to a close victory though. 🙂

They will both probably play well to spite me, but my position is not that Tiger and Phil aren’t great, They obviously are. My position is that I have worked with both of these “gurus” and I think their theories are terrible and experimenting with the success of the two best players in the world is stupid. They should be simplifying and refining their techniques, not changing them to fit the be all end all systems they are selling to the general public.


EDITED: I know I am being monomaniacal, but who saw Tiger’s swing on the par 3 6th with all the water? At address, if you look at the background, his head was touching dry land. At impact you could fit a whole other head in between where the top of his head was and the land. In other words, measure the length of Tiger’s head from the top to his chin and that’s how much his head dropped on that swing.

When any golfer, at any level, let’s go of the club like he did it means you are stuck. How cna you not be stuck when your head drops a foot.

Now to the reason it seems to not affect him…after snap hooking his drive on 5 into the trees, he made an amazing recovery onto the green and made a 12 footer for par. The fact his recovery skills and putting are so great, masks the fact that he is WAAAAAAAAY out of position with his swing. He wasn’t so lucky on 6. Someone tell Tiger to call me. I can fix it. 🙂


Edit #2: Nice work on Phil’s sand game Dave. Bladed it out of a buried lie across the green. Take too long of a swing on the pitch and pump back into the bunker. Leave it in the bunker, barley get it out of the bunker and two putt for a quad. Phil went from about 8th to second to last in one hole.

Just like I criticized Tiger’s swing for ugly things he did in majors this year he has never done before…when have you ever seen Phil screw up this bad around the green? The answer is Haney and Pelz need to be thrown to the scrap heap.

This is what happens when you get too technical and try and mold everyone to one single method. If you folks see them in a golf publication or on The Golf Channel, tear the pages out or change the channel.




  1. Matt

    The putting game is the worst part of my game so it’s hard for me to criticize anybody on their putting; but I was SO uncomfortable watching Phil putt the other day, everything about it was ugly.

    The other day was my worst putting nightmare I was blowing puts 5-6 feet by and completely misreading the greens – ugh. Of course *after* the round I figured out that I was taking too long of backstroke and throwing everything off.

  2. CaryK

    Saw Mickelson in an interview say that he talked to Dave Stockton about putting and has decided to go back to what feels more comfortable to him instead of the b***s*** that Pelz has been preaching. Phil putted soooo much better during the thrid round and now he’s even in contention after the horrible 1st round start.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I guess if you can be wrong and right at the same time, that is what I did.


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