Evidence that a good golf swing is natural.

This post may not be the epiphany you were all expecting, but it should be.

How can you debate that good golf swings aren’t natural after watching this series of videos?

Do you think any of these golfers know about holding the lag, leading with the lower body, swinging inside/out, restricting the hip turn, keeping the left wrist pointed at the target through impact, staying connected, completing their back swing…shall I go on?

I think not, just watch, enjoy and let’s all create an environment in the future where these young stars won’t be inundated with all this technogarbage.




  1. shoot54today

    Years ago I read The Inner Game of Golf and Tim Galway wrote about watching people butchering balls on a driving range. He would walk up to them and start a conversation and ask them to continue hitting balls while they conversed. He said almost immediately the quality of the shots would improve. A short while later, he would finish the conversation and walk away. Within a matter of a few shots the hacking returned.
    Maybe I should dust off that book again.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Excellent story. I remember something in the same vein when they were able to cure stuttering by having them talk while listening to another conversation…or an audio book, or something like that and it worked.

      All of this tells me we think too much about our golf swings both before and during.

  2. Banner 12

    These videos booster my point that one is born with the ability to swing a golf club, just like one is born with the ability to learn a language, do math, run fast, etc.

    One can learn with great difficulty how to swing a golf club if not born with that ability, but it will always be a struggle. That’s why the simplest system for those folks, with the least amount that can go wrong, is usually the best system.

  3. Justin Wheeler

    Reminds me of the book “The Legend of Bagger Vance” where Vance and another character are walking the course at night watching the young man swing without fear, without trying to control the club…just swinging.

  4. T

    Reminds me of an article in a British magazine many years ago when John Jacobs was asked to comment the swing of a ‘wonder kid’. Just make sure that he doesn’t have too strong a left hand grip – otherwise leave him alone. Obviously this is what JJ thought kept himself from becoming a really good player. On the other hand he became a very reknowned teacher and Ryder Cup captain.


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