It’s really sad…

…what over analysis has done to the game of golf and swing improvement.

I am obviously campaigning against it and trying to simplify things a little at a time.

What I am getting in rebuttal is how 3D video proves me wrong on the “lower body turning in sync” video I did yesterday and articles on lag, that it does in fact increase distance.

Let me be clear and restate a few of my positions for all of the techno crowd.

My video yesterday clearly states that the lower body does in fact lead, but if you consciously do it, you take yourself out of sync. Period. End of story. The transition is a split second body movement and your brain cannot transfer the information fast enough to fire all of you lower body muscles in sync with the rest of your body.

YOU MUST create an environment in your swing where this transition to the lower body leading to happen automatically. I will repeat…you CANNOT create the proper movements by starting the lower body first because your brain will not be able to consciously tell the muscles to fire without your lower body getting ahead and out of sync.

If you make a proper shoulder turn and don’t restrict the hip turn, when you transition, the lower body will lead.

Now we are back to lag again. With Jamie Sladowski winning another world title last week and his massive lag, I have gotten lots of hate email about increasing lag does create more distance and all sorts of links to articles proving this. I have never disputed that increased lag creates more power. I am the proof, because that is how I won the world long drive title.

What I have been promoting is that you cannot add false lag to your swing that you don’t create naturally and adding more on the down swing consciously is a recipe for disaster because you are doing something unnatural. You narrow the width of your swing, which will create more spin which more than cancels out the increased speed and energy “you might” gain and also kill your accuracy. Plus, you can’t control distance on a wedge with all that lag…and you certainly don’t want two completely different golf swings to hit a driver and wedge.

I have said this before, I did well in physics and I am not out to disprove any of Newtons Laws. My whole theory on the golf swing is to try and eliminate actively doing anything. You don’t do the right things on purpose, you avoid the bad things and the right things will eventually happen automatically.

If you setup with good posture, turn your shoulders properly and have good tempo, your lower body will lead automatically. If you are coming over the top, leading with the lower body on purpose to combat that makes things worse. Over the top is usually caused by taking it too far inside and being forced to come over the top. If you take it too far inside and purposely initiate the downswing with the lower body…you end up with something that rhymes with the place where you keep your money.

You don’t try and add lag on purpose. Just like trying to lead with the lower body will get you out of sync, adding lag, or delaying the release will get you out of sync, steep, underneath the plane, or all of the above.

If you have constant grip pressure, don’t cast the club and swing everything in sync, you will create the maximum lag you personally are capable of without any loss of accuracy.

I am not trying to disprove anything. Knowing how much torque your engine produces at 4500 rpm, what the ignition timing is and whether you car goes 0-60 in 4.2 or 4.3 seconds are fun facts, but they don’t mean anything when your are driving on the freeway with a car 100 feet in front of you and 30 feet behind you…all that matters is you keep it in between the lines.

Now have some fun, scroll down a few inches on the page and watch Angel Cabrera’s swing.



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