Day 2: Release the ball on target




  1. shoot54today

    Three minutes was enough for me. You are a Flippin’ genius. Off to a meeting.
    Nice work. Thanks.

  2. Cal

    Brilliant – as usual. Your explanations are not over-simplifications they have an elegant simplicity – which is a rare gift. Thank you.

    If I ever work out how to use my camera phone I’ll send money.

  3. gwlee7

    This is the best explanation of release and how to do it I have ever seen. If you do this, your shots can’t be but so bad. They should at least be dry, closer to the hole, and able to be found. 🙂

  4. geoff duncan

    Good analogy.

  5. Peter Balogh

    This so simple that its almost stupid. I think you open a hell lot of eyes with this stupid little Ball LOL Well done coach!

  6. momentum

    Hi Monte,

    I use this ball-drill to train the right hand position during the swing. Especially the position of the thumbs, up to the air, down to the ground. Its also good to train the constant shoulder-arm triangle during the entire swing.

    Best regards,

  7. Christian

    I really like this video. It makes it really obvious that some of the contortions I contemplate when working on my swing are just not right. I even think if you were throwing the ball for distance you wouldn’t hold the lag, etc.. You’d just make a nice athletic, simple motion and heave it out there. Happily that’s the direction I’m heading with my golf swing after working with Monte this last year.


  8. Chris Hilton

    I’m a little late to the party, but this is an absolutely wonderful video. I’m one who will go out one day and shoot mid 80s, then the next and shoot 100. All because i add so many complexities to the swing that timing is so important. Off by just a bit, and i am in the woods all day…or in my bag for another ball after putting it in the water. As someone else mentioned, so simple its almost stupid. hence the KISS method. Thanks Monte!



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