Day 1: A proper (earlier) release is not a cast

First things first. I told you all I was going to ask a favor. So if I have helped your golf game, or just made you laugh a few times, please email all of this week’s posts and videos to all of your golfing buddies.

Some will be helped by them, some will have “A Ha!” moments, while some will disagree with most of what I say but find that one snippet of info that makes things easier for them.

If nothing else, they will stay to throw virtual vegetables at me in the comments section like the audience used to do at bad Vaudeville acts.

I have been doing this for a year and a half. I want more fun and shorter rounds on the course. That will lead to better golf.

Now, on to my release series. I hope you enjoy it and treat it this way. If you can find one thing in 5 days that helps you simplify your approach, it was worth it.

I have gotten dozens of emails telling me that my idea of a proper release is just a cast. That makes sense that people may think that because if adding/holding lag is the opposite of a cast, ergo an earlier release would be classified as a cast.

As I have said many times, a cast and ACTIVELY holding and adding lag are the same thing. Bad releases. So this video will show, in very clear terms, why an earlier release is not a cast.

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  1. shoot54today

    Excellent video. Exactly when I need work on right now. Somehow I have gotten some funky hand actions going on. This is something that can be practiced daily in Da Basement to get the feel.
    Nice work. Thanks.

  2. matt

    Amazing that some people can’t tell the difference between a cast and a proper release, Bobby Jones called it a ‘Freewheel’ through impact. Good explanation Monte

  3. carrera

    Good vid Monte. Can you opine on the Holy Grail of many…the forward leaning shaft at impact?

      • carrera

        That’s what’s known in the TV industry as a “tease”.

  4. gwlee7

    Thank you for the very clear visual of the difference. And, you didn’t use any big words either. 🙂

  5. SteelyDan

    Thanks, Monte. Do you think a cast can partly be cured by actively rotating the forearms as seen in the video?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yes. In the video I say that some of us that were told not to do it this way, may have to do it actively for a time. Me being one of those.

      • gwlee7

        Put me in this camp as I was taught for the longest time by my former instructor that a “push” release was the best way to release the club. I also fought a hook for a long time and this worked well for me until I slowly over cooked it and now hit a lot of “wounded goose falling out of the sky” slices. I like the way you are going with all of this and lately when I’ve done what you’ve been asking me to do, hit some real nice bombs with seemingly little effort. It is becoming more of a trust issue than anything now.

  6. mship


    I am sorry but I am a little lost (I have watched this video about 10x now) Are you saying that the gradual release is a gradual rotating of the forearms from the top? Or are you talking about that taking place in the space just prior to impact to just after?


  7. S.

    “Cast” is a fishing term. It’s all about creating and releasing the wrist cock, but in fishing you have to stop the arm movement to release the cast. In golf, you don’t stop the arm movement. Casting in golf is therefore a fundamental wrong perception about the swing.

    gwlee7 said it perfectly: it’s a “push” release. Push and stop.

    On the other hand, Matt said “freewheel” and Monte said “rotation.” There’s no freewheel or rotation in fishing, so it’s wrong to apply fishing mechanics to golf.



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