Day 3: The benefits of a proper release.

Again, mostly self explanatory. If you release the club the way the body wants to, you can overcome all sorts of swing flaws.

For those of you interested in lag, forward shaft lean, etc. You will be happy from about 6:40 to the end :-).

PS-sorry about the leaf blower. I was pressed for time and couldn’t wait for him to finish.

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  1. Bob Saunders

    Great stuff as usyal, Monte. Thanks!

  2. Tom Paine

    Good stuff…but please try to do your set ups w/o the annoying disruption from a nearby leaf blower. The distant, muted woosh of traffic noise was much more comfortable from the viewers’ perspective.

  3. bob34

    So this explains why I was mostly able to get away with a not so efficient backswing 🙂 Now that Monte’s helping me get squared away in that department with simple, easy to understand and more importantly, easy to implement instruction, I have a renewed excitment and enthusiasm for the game I haven’t experienced since I first picked it up 20 some years ago. Monte, you ability to free us up to just avoid the things that are wrong as you’d say is amazing. Great stuff and much thanks!

  4. steve lyons

    I like the concept of building your swing around your release.

    Rather than working on 8 things and then going, OK, now let’s think about the release.

  5. carrera

    Monte — a couple of times near the end you say that “this is the position you want”…but it seems that you’d actually want the club a little less vertical…some more “shaft lean”, if you will. Would you agree with that? At the 6:40 mark the position was a little different. Below is the position near the end of the vid. Good vid, by the way.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yes, I agree with you. I should have had a little more forward lean. Hard to duplicate when not making a full swing.

  6. mship

    This video is flippin’ GOLD!

  7. Doug B

    Great stuff, Monte – thank you. I have also found that too much tension in my arms at address is harmful to a natural release. For a long time I have been overly concerned about my elbow position (holding the elbows close together, according to Hogan’s Five Lessons), thinking that I needed to do that to have a connected swing. Since I have been following your advice to have the arms hang more naturally at address, I find it much easier to achieve the natural release that you talk about, and I have the open clubface / push problem that I was experiencing. Maybe a review of your setup and posture video would be a good addendum to this series.

    • Doug B

      oops – meant to say I have solved the open clubface / push problem that I was experiencing.

  8. Wally

    You all may be right, however since my wife gave me my gorgeous Panama Hat for Christmas I have not shot above 90(from the whites of course I am 66 what do you want), only to prove if you have a good looking hat, you must strive to have a good looking swing.

  9. Tom Slagle

    Great stuff – best explanation of release and misconceptions about lag that I have seen.

  10. Succour

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