Bobby Wilson

Senior and Super Senior Long Drive Champion. He talks about width and leverage in this video and a poster asked about why he gets up on his toes when he hits it. He doesn’t come up onto his toes on this video, but he does in competition and has ever since the early 90’s when I competed against him.

I can make one comment that covers all of it. Professional Long drivers create leverage with DNA and thousands of hours of hitting balls. Bobby would hit the ball just as far if he didn’t extend so wide. He is genetically predisposed to hit the golf ball far and he works hard at it.

It is not something an average golfer can do. He goes wide to narrow, which can create power for those few who can control it, but Bobby is the exception who creates consistency with it. Therein lies where he goes up on his toes. Going wide to narrow, combined with all of the speed he creates, makes it impossible for his swing to stay in sync and he goes up on his toes to clear, because his hips can’t move fast enough to stay in sync with all that speed. When he is taking that smooth cut he is taking, they can.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this if you are a world class long driver and are strong enough and practice hard enough to deal with it to hit 400 yard drives. It is not a good way to have distance and trajectory control on wedges.

The one thing I agree with him on 100% is you don’t want a narrow swing. You don’t want to go wide to narrower either. For maximum consistency and distance put together, you want to try and maintain the same width in the golf swing.

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  1. Brett Picotte

    Thanks Monte. I’ve always loved his swing.

  2. s.

    Width… I don’t think it has anything to do with the club. You have all the width you need if your left arm remains fairly straight without tension, as at address. But that width goes to waste if you don’t turn with your swing. Width comes from turning, not artificially extending.

    I don’t think Bobby has ever beaten a rug. Holding your beater straight out in front of you wouldn’t work at all.Your right arm it going to fold on the backswing. Keeping it artificially straight seems like a problem.

  3. sensei

    That reminds me of a former fellow long driver Mike Dunaway with the cloth line video.
    Which in a way confirms what Monte is preaching all the time: No lag holding and releasing the club naturally and by doing that squaring the clubface.


  4. banchiline

    OK Monte, I need to know what you think of the above Mike Dunaway video ?

    When you get time please.


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