Abandon the Cliches

Whether you do “low and slow” or try to get extra extension on the backswing to widen the arc, it is just plain bad and gets you out of position in too many ways to count. Just because Bobby Wilson and Lucas Glover are talented enough, strong enough and practice enough to do it with success, it doesn’t mean you can. As I said in the Bobby Wilson post, maintaining a constant swing arc is what is important.

This video illustrates some of the problems widening the arc can cause. I realize I can be monomaniacal about some of these topics and restate the same things in a different way, but there are so many golfers out there buying into this stuff.

I find this funny. In discussions on other boards, people find one attractive detail in a “system” or one PGA Tour player that does it and that makes it gospel. On the flip side, they find one flawed detail in what I say, or one PGA tour player that doesn’t do what I say, and that makes my theory fallible. I am not whining about this as much as feeling the need to get my point across in as many ways as possible. As I have said before, I don’t think my thoeries are the only correct, or even the best…I just believe they are the simplest and most efficient. So here is more on the importance of maintaining the arc.

Link to GolfSwingSurgeon.com





  1. mship


    (Caveat – this opinion is not directed at anyone in particular – just my overall opinion about golf instruction)

    I don’t think your theories are fallible as much as I have my own theories. A lot of what I believe to be the most efficient (and SIMPLE) fall in line with two instructors with yourself being one of them so I use two sites to tweak my own knowledge.

    I understand that you have to believe that your theories are the “most efficient” but a good teacher is one that continues to learn and is willing to adjust and integrate other ideas if they prove to be worthy. There are golf instructors out there (just about every club pro) that have the “it’s my way or the highway” mentality. I believe this is why golf instruction…for lack of a better term sucks. Golfers don’t get better because they don’t have the abiltiy they don’t get better because the instruction is poor, golf instructors need to learn to be golf teachers and good teachers are always good learners. In my opinion most golf instructors are excellent golfers but very poor teachers.

    – Mike

    • mship

      BTW –

      Excellent video and I believe you are right on.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I couldn’t agree more about learning, adjusting and integrating. I have said as much myself 🙂

  2. radioman

    This video is a treasure. That could be me in that video,
    doing the wrong things. I’m on my way to a better swing,
    but it sure is difficult breaking old habits.
    Funny thing, when my swing feels powerful, my ball striking
    stinks. When my swing feels as though the ball isn’t gonna
    go too far — it does!



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