Another really good drill.

Like most drills, this doesn’t work for everyone. Golfers on short shots love to help the ball in the air with no weight shift and to hold off the release to hit it high and soft. ALL BAD!!!!!!

It is very important you do this the right way. It will help with release, swing path, weight shift, hitting down and through the ball, but more importantly, focusing on the shot you are trying to hit and avoiding excess mechanical thoughts.

The object of this drill is NOT…I REPEAT NOT, to hit perfect shots. The object of this drill is to train yourself to simplify and ALLOW your body to make the proper movements for you individually.

Take out your highest lofted club. LW for me. USING YOUR NORMAL SWING, aim at a target about 50-70 yards away and visualize a LOW shot that starts right and hooks at the target.

Again, the object is not to hit this shot perfectly…or even that good. You can’t hit a hook with a high lofted club making your normal swing. It most assuredly is not about manipulating your swing to create this shot. It is about visualizing a shot that will subtly create good movements in your swing…and not to make them consciously.

Again, no mechanical thoughts or changes in the swing. Setup, visualize a low hook that starts right and ends at the target.

You are not to be frustrated as the object of the drill is not to hit the shot in question. Visualizing “low” will make you shift to the front side and hit down and through it. Visualizing the hook will make you want to release.



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  1. carrera

    I remember a friend of mine, a few years ago, shooting an absolutely terrible round on day one of a 2-day club tournament. He was a 4 or 5 hcp and shot 92…36-56, hitting it all over the place on the back nine and basically turning into a yipping mess on the course. When he walked away from the scorer’s table one of the assistant pro’s at the club gave him this advice…don’t try to “fix” your swing. Just go to the range tomorrow morning and hit a small bucket of punch shots with a 9-iron…trying to hit low shots between 80-100 yds to the nearest green on the range. My friend did exactly that and had his game back the next day. The idea was to just focus on contact, with easy swings in control with more than enough club for the shot at hand.

    This suggestion from the pro seems similar to the drill you mention above.


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