A buried lie in the sand

EDITED: The video is actually in now 😀

or fried egg. The first shot in the video below is the standard “just get it out of bunker” shot. Ball back in the stance, square stance, closed club face, hands up quick and hit down and through the ball, digging the leading edge of the club into the sand on the outer rim of the “egg” and following through.

I could have tilted my spine a little more in front of the ball, but my spine angle was acceptable.

This shot comes out very low, with no spin and will pretty much run out. This actually makes a long bunker shots easier, but one where the pin is fairly close to you impossible to get close.

This is pretty much the way players of all skill levels can hit this shot.

The second shot in the video is a shot the PGA Tour winner Woody Austin showed me during a practice round at a Nationwide event several years ago. I have used it many, many times.

You basically play it the same exact way as the first one, other then you recoil as soon as the club hits the sand. The ball comes out much higher and softer for the close pins. This shot is for lower handicappers, but anyone can do it with a little practice.

The key to both these shots is a closed clubface and hitting down on the sand at a steep angle. Any effort to hit up on the ball and help it out of the sand will be met with disastrous results.

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  1. Husker


  2. s.

    Good camera work, nice sharp focus. And good tips too.

  3. James

    cool! never seen a shot like that before. How the hell these guys come up with this stuff?

  4. carrera

    2nd method is interesting.

    • Steve Bishop

      It allows the wrists to hinge the club up and open the face just as the club impacts the sand. Quite ingenious but there’s a reason you don’t see it played all the time on tour. 😉


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