An alternative to a flop shot

The shot in the video below is something players of all skill levels can do with a little bit of practice.

The side benefit is practicing this shot will help your touch for any short game shot.

…but first, I must rant.

The reason why most golfers have terrible shorts games is:

Fear + Cliches = Terrible

Golfers fear hitting down on the ball because they are afraid the ball won’t get airborne. They fear hitting it fat and thin at the same time, so they double chicken wing and try and help it.

Fear, Fear, Fear. I can go on forever.

Here is the biggest culprit. Many golfers take WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long of a backswing and do what I call the “hot potato.” That is when the backswing is way too long and in order to hit the ball the right distance, they hit the ball, stop immediately after impact and look as if they are going to drop the club as if it were a hot potato.

Then, here comes the cliche…”(insert pronoun) decelerated on that one.”

What follows are jabs, stabs and over acceleration and golfers never learn touch around the greens because of massive over acceleration in order to avoid “the decel.”

I would venture a guess that it is impossible to decel the club before hitting the ball.

Which brings me to the shot in the video below. This lie is in the rough and on a fairly severe down slope. Most amateurs and many pros would either hit a flop shot, or a bump and run into the fringe.

My alternative is not only a good shot to learn, practicing it will help on every shot up to about 50 yards because it will teach you touch (soft hands), the feel of a descending blow and how to manage the speed of your turn…but not how to avoid a run on sentence.

Watch the way I play this. The hands and arms are completely limp and all of the movement of the swing is with a very slow shoulder turn and gravity drops the club on the ball. Think of swinging a club under water. You still accelerate, but at a slower pace…or to look at it another way, the shoulders accelerate the same speed as a putting stroke from the same distance.

As long as your shoulders are moving, there is no “decel” before impact and the ball comes out so soft you won’t believe it.

Again, I am on a down slope in the rough and the green was fairly firm and down hill. If you watch carefully, the ball flies past the fringe, all the way on the green with a nice, simple, soft, controlled swing.

Again, any questions…feel free to ask for clarification. Tomorrow or Friday…the topped putter shot. Every single one of you will love this shot.

You’d think with touch like this and the ability to hit 350 yard drives that I would be better. I can putt too. There is no accounting for stupidity. 😀




  1. Christian

    I like this! I tried it this morning a few times out of the rough and the ball came out nice and soft all 3 times I used it (didn’t hole any, though :-). Seems like a very relaxed, low stress way to chip. Maybe there is hope for my short game after all…

    BTW, I hope you didn’t film yourself hitting all those balls next to the pin before you sunk one 🙂

    • Monte Scheinblum

      LOL. No, I was practicing the shot for my own benefit and decided to turn the camera on. It was the second take. The first take I hit it about 3 feet past, but the camera angle was bad.

  2. Michael

    Could you do a video on how to play out of 100% dirt lies? Or simply explain how to play shots out of them? A lot of courses around me have bare spots where the grass didn’t take and it’s just dirt, especially around the green complexes. It’s tough to make solid contact even when just using the bounce of the club properly. I can’t figure out if I should play it like a long bunker shot or try and pick it clean. Both seem to have dismal results.

  3. s.

    I like this new series…real shots on real golf courses.

    And the photography is great, very sharp and focused.

    • hackgolfer

      yeah…good quality… this a regular cam and not one of those flips?

  4. Calvin D

    Tried this three times on course yesterday in short sided situations and it worked every time. Lands like a tomato.



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