Won’t be videoing my swing for a couple of weeks.

Because I like the way it feels, I like the results and I don’t want to nitpick it…I want to establish it a little better.

I had a funny round on Wednesday. Half the shots I was swinging well and the other half, I reverted terribly…LOL.

Right now if I allow the club to release, I look like a pro. If I snatch and grab the club (like I have been doing for 10 years), my lower body gets out of sync and I look like a long hitting 12 handicap.

The important part is I was controlling the ball flight, both right and left and up and down. I hit 4 shots that I have not seen that quality from myself in quite a long time.

1. The tee shot on #1. Downhill, dogleg left, 530 par 5, where it turned at about 280. I shaped it perfectly starting it down the left side and turned it into the middle of the fairway…and I killed it.

2. The second shot on #2. The pin was tucked front right behind a bunker. The cut shot has been giving me fits for about 5 years. I told my father-in-law this fact, but then added I thought since I started to release it better, that cuts would be easier to produce. I told him I would start it about 20 feet left of the hole, try to cut it and I would be satisfied with a straight ball as that is my strategy with a cut. It started 20 feet left, cut 17 feet and ended up pin high about 3 feet and I made eagle. (I am kidding about the exact feet and it was an 8-iron from 170).

3. Second shot on #10. About 80 yards to a middle pin. This is not a shot where you would hear a pro talk about quality he had not seen in many years. However, being a tour player is about controlling ball flight. I hit an LW downwind, but hit that low one bounce and stop shot to about 8 feet. BFD, I know, but in these years of release problems, I have had problems with this shot. Downwind I have had trouble hitting balloons that were short into the wind and long downwind.

4. Second shot on #18. An into the wind, 560 yard par 5. It was OB left and I hit a poor drive, it ballooned and I didn’t turn it around the dogleg and ended up in the trees and very short. I could either advance the ball about 50 yards, or hit it through an opening about the size of a golf cart, start the ball OB left and cut it back toward the green. Had to control trajectory and hit a cut. Two things I have had problems with. The ball ended up right at the pin about 20 yards short of the green from about 270 with a 2-iron.

In case you are wondering. 6800 yard military course with medium sized fairways and small greens. 2 eagles, 4 birdies, two bogeys.

Next week I am going to video a few shots around the greens you can have some fun with. They require very little practice and can be very helpful as the situations they are useful in happen often.




  1. Calvin D

    What I like about this post is how you are thinking out the shot and then producing it.

    Shaping shots is just a dream for most ams. There have even been a few great pros who could not vary the shape of their shots (Bobby Locke).

  2. seveonsunday

    looking forward to the shots around the greens!

  3. Steve Bishop

    Glad to hear about your successful ball striking again Monte!

  4. SB Bruin

    Did you play March?


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