After the first of the year

The blog has gotten too much about swinging the club. I am still, going to do that but I am going back to more of a variety of subjects.

I am going back to more talk about what is going on with PGA Tour events. Talking about who is playing well, poorly, etc. Not to mention making fun of Peter Kostis and Johnny Miller and telling stories from my career…and make fun of myself.

I am also very tired of all the arrogant and self righteous instructors out there professing to have the miracle cure and right way to do everything.

I have been politically correct about my ideas and I am done with that. My way is the easiest and most efficient way to do things because I tailor information to the individual and reduce the amount of thoughts necessary to get better. That is the right way to get better.

Lastly, I am also thinking about having a weekly chat at some point.




  1. banchiline

    Anybody see Wayne Player last night talking about getting off of that back foot? He mentioned some things about Annika & Duval with their “head moves”. He says “keeping yer head down” is bullsh$$ . He says the #1 fault of am. golf (besides too many swing thoughts) is we don’t get off of our back foot enough. A walk-through is way better…..
    He preaches simple, simple, simple……..& have fun. It was refreshing.
    And speaking of “instructors”……….I know of a couple of self appointed , anointed so called gurus, arrogant better than thou bastards, re-invent the swing this way only!…….. I would love to make fun of just about on a daily basis

    I may start my own “bash the bullshitters” blog

  2. yellowtrash

    I would love to see something like a Daily Show that pokes fun at all the mainstream media/magazine/internet/youtube golf instruction out there. You’d never run out of material.

  3. geoff duncan

    Good idea. Something else I’d like to see is how you hit shots. High, low, cut, draw, knock-downs, spinners, short game, putting ect. I have a feeling you would gain audience. Good luck.

  4. retired guy

    I saw the Wayne Player show, and I liked him. Probably he wins the contest. I saw the Jansen woman, and she didn’t add much, except for her looks. Maybe if she and Kelli were to go to some girl-on-girl action, otherwise, no. I didn’t see the other finalist.

    I also liked the piece they did on the Stocktons and theri putting sachool. Kind of the polar opposite of Pelz. Best part, the interviewer asked how many days it took them to teach someone and Dave said” no more than two hours, most less.” He said Hunter Mahan got it in 20 minutes. I hope he charges by results, not time.


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