Yesterday I was expecting

more posts about my swing. I guess my warning scared people off…LOL

Yesterday’s post was about one thing and one thing only.

The perfection of the back swing and the aesthetics of the finish have replaced impact as the priority in the golf swing with modern golf instruction.

Everyone seems to have that balk move that Mike Weir “revolutionized.”
You see it on every range in America as people watch their practice back swing to make sure every position is perfect.

Never mind that you generally won’t reproduce what you are doing and turning your head to watch it changes the dynamic in the first place.

Throw in a slow pull up into a scratch finish and everyone has the perfect swing but is nowhere near in position just before and at impact.

Here is the link to my swing on youtube.


Look at what someone wrote in the comments. Connection and disconnection is one of the most over rated “positions” in the golf swing. Trying too hard to stay connected gets the club out of position and creates tension. Bubba Watson, Jim Furyk and Fred Couples are real connected, aren’t they?

The point(s)…there are always exceptions, but no one has the perfect swing and striving for that is a joke. Strive for impact and if you have to do something funky to get there…do it. If you are doing something funky that is making good impact difficult…get rid of it.

I am going to start doing some posts and videos on sequence that will help a lot of you.




  1. Calvin D

    I couldn’t see a “trap” in yesterday’s post unless it had to do with the tee markers, but you seemed to be aligned to the same spot in the fairway in both 2 and 3. It reminds me that I need to check every tee and see what line the markers are square to. The guys who place the markers every day are not math majors and they can create some very subtle deceptions. If you subconsciously just line up square with the left and right markers you will spend a lot of time in the woods.

  2. Bob

    Can’t wait to see more on impact. Looking forward to it.

  3. s.

    “The perfection of the back swing and the aesthetics of the finish have replaced impact as the priority in the golf swing with modern golf instruction.”

    Hmmm. I guess they have Ray Romano re-runs going on Golf Channel.

    Idea for a future column. Maybe there a variety of swing thoughts work. I’d be interested in yours, if you have one. I’d differentiate “swing thoughts” from checkpoints. A checkpoint might be something that you spot in a video. A swing thought is what’s actually going through your head, and it’s likely to be a FEEL that you want to repeat. How do you want it to feel?

    I’m not sure that it would work for everyone, but it might give someone an idea of the type of thing that they might think about, rather than geometry (which you can’t see anyway).

  4. carrera

    “If you find yourself often criticizing the golf swings of players who are better than you…I guess that makes me an MGD”

    I didn’t want to be an MGD.


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